Düstinø is drinking a Wolf's Blood by DireWolf American Ales at WolfHaven, Red IPA with low bitterness and a citrusy presence, Düstinø: I have to say, this is a great little pilsner! I thought you'd only be drinking Old Rasputin this week. Twenty guests have an incredible opportunity to engage in a deeper way […]. Düstinø is drinking a Jai Alai by Cigar City Brewing at WolfHaven. 707-431-9090. Your own technical support team. Just a little more hoppy but same great taste! According to the United States Census Bureau, the town has a total area of 0.83 square miles (2.15 km 2), of which, 0.79 square miles (2.05 km 2) is land and 0.04 square miles (0.10 km 2) is water.. A junction of the Norfolk Southern Railway is located in Iaeger. O…. Be sure to visit this page often to stay current with the latest Wolf Haven offerings. Thanks for all your support, can't wait to see what this next year has for us! Wild Heaven, created by lifelong Georgians Nick Purdy and Eric Johnson, is focused on world-class beers designed to offer something new to the beer landscape—not simply our … Just one of millions of high quality products available. DireWolf Bran is drinking a Pseudo Sue by Toppling Goliath Brewing Co. at WolfHaven, DireWolf Bran is drinking a Zombie Dust by 3 Floyds Brewing Company at WolfHaven, Düstinø is drinking an Unholy by Coppertail Brewing Company at WolfHaven, Düstinø is drinking a Branniversary: Year 1 by DireWolf American Ales at WolfHaven. A healthy dose of English Kent Goldings hops provides a counterpoint to this ale\u2019s rich and complex maltiness. 5, Almanac Beer Co., Alameda, CA Bronze: Côte d’Or - Double Cerise, Rowley Farmhouse Ales, Santa Fe, NM, Category 28: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Beer - 66 Entries Gold: Amburana Dream, Denver Beer Co. - Olde Town Arvada, Arvada, CO Silver: Gran Muckle, Sun King Brewing, Indianapolis, IN Bronze: Bourbon Barrel Aged Lady In Red, Bombshell Beer Co., Holly Springs, NC, Category 29: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Beer - 155 Entries Gold: Knotty Dog, Big Dog’s Brewing Co., Las Vegas, NV Silver: Double Barrel Louie, Westbound & Down Brewing Co., Idaho Springs, CO Bronze: Bourbon Legend, Great Heights Brewing Co., Houston, TX, Category 30: Wood- and Barrel-Aged Strong Stout - 172 Entries Gold: Barrel Aged Imperial Pajamas, Begyle Brewing, Chicago, IL Silver: Ales from the Crypt: Te Quiero, O.H.S.O. 21 Mar 17 View Detailed Check-in ","is_in_production":1,"beer_style_id":34,"beer_style":"Stout - Oatmeal","rating_score":0,"rating_count":7,"count":7,"beer_active":1,"on_list":false,"has_had":false},"brewery":{"brewery_id":239171,"brewery_name":"DireWolf American Ales","brewery_slug":"direwolf-american-ales","brewery_page_url":"\/DireWolf-Brewing","brewery_label":"https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/site\/brewery_logos\/brewery-239171_4bd50.jpeg","country_name":"United States","contact":{"twitter":"","facebook":"https:\/\/www.facebook.com\/Direwolfamericanales\/","url":""},"location":{"brewery_city":"Sheboygan","brewery_state":"WI","lat":43.7612,"lng":-87.7109},"brewery_active":1},"user":{"uid":1755243,"user_name":"Crushin-Imperial-Stout","first_name":"D\u00fcstin\u00f8","last_name":"","user_avatar":"https:\/\/untappd.akamaized.net\/profile\/65d2aaed670a5ef4762f0c7bbd08a410_100x100.jpeg","is_private":0},"venue":{"venue_id":4351061,"venue_name":"WolfHaven","venue_slug":"wolfhaven","primary_category_key":"Nightlife Spot","primary_category":"Nightlife Spot","parent_category_id":"4d4b7105d754a06376d81259","categories":{"count":2,"items":[{"category_key":"brewery","category_name":"Brewery","category_id":"50327c8591d4c4b30a586d5d","is_primary":true},{"category_key":"festival","category_name":"Festival","category_id":"5267e4d9e4b0ec79466e48c7","is_primary":false}]},"location":{"venue_address":"1515 N 7th St","venue_city":"Sheboygan","venue_state":"WI","venue_country":"United States","lat":43.7611,"lng":-87.711},"contact":{"twitter":"","venue_url":""},"foursquare":{"foursquare_id":"56c3f405cd10703f0a88704c","foursquare_url":"http:\/\/4sq.com\/1VlYzHm"},"venue_icon":{"sm":"https:\/\/ss3.4sqi.net\/img\/categories_v2\/food\/brewery_bg_64.png","md":"https:\/\/ss3.4sqi.net\/img\/categories_v2\/food\/brewery_bg_88.png","lg":"https:\/\/ss3.4sqi.net\/img\/categories_v2\/food\/brewery_bg_512.png"},"is_verified":false}}.