The bout might have taken too much time to be arranged, and perhaps, at least, one of the fighters was no longer in his prime. So if Lennox was no longer in his prime against Rahman then he was in his prime against McCall. In the third round, Lewis came out aggressively and landed a strong right hand within the first 10 seconds that opened up a deep cut above Klitschko's left eye. Mike Tyson lost both of his fights with Evander Holyfield, whom Lennox Lewis would defeat in 1999 for the undisputed title after a draw in their first fight. While Iron Mike Tyson served 3 years in prison. When do you consider Lewis to have peaked? The list goes on and on. But the fight never happened. Following the fight, Tyson said he wanted to eat Lewis’s children and that he wanted his heart. It is no secret that Tyson ruined his promising boxing future due his indiscipline and wild lifestyle. Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis were two of the best heavyweight fighters of their generation. Things got a little crazy in the heavyweight division in February 1990 when Mike Tyson lost the undisputed heavyweight championship to Buster Douglas. Back in 1998 Lewis made two successful defenses of his WBC title. If Lennox was in his prime in 1994 when he lost to McCall it is when Mike was in jail wasting his best boxing years. The defending unified WBC, IBF, IBO, and The Ring champion Lennox Lewis defeated former undisputed heavyweight champion Mike Tyson by knockout in the eighth round. It was a huge boxing event in which Showtime and HBO came to terms so the fight could be done. All Rights Reserved. Tyson went down for the first time in the fourth and was just spent by the end of the fifth. Don King offered Lewis four million dollars to step aside so that Tyson could go after the WBA heavyweight champion, Bruce Seldon, with the promise that he’d fight Lewis after. Mike Tyson lost both of his fights with Evander Holyfield, whom Lennox Lewis would defeat in 1999 for the undisputed title after a draw in their first fight. After defeating Seldon in September 1996, Tyson relinquished the WBC title so he could have his long-awaited fight with Evander Holyfield. Tyson looked good in the first round but Lewis caught him with big shots in the second and then opened up a cut over Tyson’s right eye in the third. Many often wonder what would have happened had Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis fought in their respective primes. While prime, Tyson´s head – upper body movement was extraordinaire for any heavyweight or even a light heavyweight, his head movement was just as rare as Muhammad Ali´s footwork. Iron Mike had a vicious inside game. Mike had great hand speed and freakish accurate punching power in both hands and he was not flat footed, he was smart and waited for or created openings. Over the next few years, the belts were split up and there were numerous fighters that could officially be considered a champion. In March 1996, Mike Tyson knocked out Frank Bruno in the third round to win the WBC crown. One fight that didn’t happen during the decade was Tyson vs. Lewis, who didn’t step in the ring with one another until 2002, which most (myself included) believe was far too late. The only scandal related to him that I can remember is when he was robbed in his first fight against Holyfield. This is where things get tricky. It is like they don’t know the story behind that fight. Oliver McCall knocked him out in their first fight in 1994 and in 2001 Hasim Rahman knocked him out again. Back in May 1993, Lennox Lewis won the WBC strap against Tony Tucker. Over the years, many have accused Lennox Lewis of ducking Mike Tyson by accepting the payout from Don King. I acknowledge Lewis as one of the last great heavyweights on the last twenty years but Mike Tyson is a boxing icon that hardly will be forgotten. Lennox is a conquerer? The views expressed in all articles are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect those of BoxingNews24 or its affiliates. If it was in the middle of those fights then we only find the Evander Holyfield fights worth of mention, but Evander fighting style it’s more orthodox and cannot be compared to the one Tyson had while prime. Bowe won but refused to fight Lewis and literally threw the WBC title in the trash. Before I continue I want to make clear that I don´t mean any disrespect to Lennox Lewis or any of his loyal fans. Besides, referee Octavio Meyran´s long count helped Douglas. Copyright © 2007-2020 Boxing News 24. If you think he trained properly for that bout then you better think again. Being Tyson only 5´11” (maybe shorter) and 71” reach, he must have been skilled enough to compete against bigger – taller foes. Lewis later recalled those sparring sessions, calling Tyson an “animal” and actually hoped that he wouldn’t fight him again down the line. © Copyright 2020 Endgame360 Inc. All Rights Reserved. Mike Tyson was released from prison and returned to the ring that August, promptly knocking out Peter McNeeley in the first round. I believe it was the best version of Lennox the one that battered Tyson. Tyson actually never made it LA after losing to Henry Tillman at the Olympic trials. Sky Sports sparked a heated debate on social media after asking fans who would win in a dream mega-fight between Lennox Lewis and Anthony Joshua. But that’s just another “what if” story in sports, isn’t it? Klitschko was the aggressor through the first two rounds and landed many hard shots to the head of Lewis, winning both rounds on all three judge's scorecards. Would Tyson have been able to defeat a prime Lewis? I'm the most brutal and vicious and ruthless champion there's ever been. Lewis chose to stay an amateur for four more years so he could win a gold medal, which he did in 1988 in Seoul, beating Riddick Bowe in the finals. After Lewis defeated Tommy Morrison in October 1995 and Tyson beat Buster Mathis Jr. in December, the WBC opted to give Tyson the shot against Bruno instead of Lewis. Casual fans always pull the James Buster Douglas loss to demerit Tyson. He had been named the number one contender after defeating Razor Ruddock in October 1992 and was set up as the challenger to the winner of the Riddick Bowe vs. Evander Holyfield fight a few weeks later. I can´t recall any scandals of drug and alcohol abuse from Lewis, who to me, is an example of professionalism at the elite level of competition. In the second round, Klitschko was able to stagger Lewis with two hard right hands that opened a cut under Lewis' left eye. Lennox Lewis actually won the WBC title without beating anybody. By the time the eighth round rolled around, Tyson’s face was swollen and Lewis ended it, hitting Iron Mike with a big right cross. Tyson went down for the second time in the round and didn’t make any real attempt to get up. Does the reader remember the introduction of the fighters? Mike Tyson's most memorable trash talk moment was when he ended a stream of boasts by voicing his desire to go full Hannibal Lecter on Lennox Lewis's children: "I'm the best ever. 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Last Fight of LENNOX LEWIS _ Battle of the Titans - YouTube Yes, that did lead to some extra fights, which wasn’t a bad thing, but it could get confusing at times on who had what title and who their next challenger would be. Lewis suffered yet another upset loss in April 2001 to 15-1 underdog Hasim Rahman but beat him in the rematch in November. Look at the weigh in for the Douglas fight and compare it to the Frank Bruno I bout. That same year Lennox Lewis was still an amateur boxer and debuted as prizefighter until June 1989. Holyfield also had an epic bout with George Foreman, who would later go on to recapture the heavyweight crown by knocking out Michael Moorer. By Gerardo Granados: Back on June 8 of 2002 at the Pyramid, Tennessee, USA; the anticipated fight between Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis took place. Prior to the event, Lewis was awarded The Ring magazine heavyweight title, which had been vacant since the late 1980s and was last held by Tyson. Lewis suffered yet another upset loss in April 2001 to 15-1 underdog Hasim Rahman but beat him in the rematch in November. He took up the sport as he entered his teenage years in 1978 and won the gold medal at the Junior World Championships in 1983. Lewis was named the champion in December. Back in 1998 Lewis made … Lennox Lewis finally joined the professional ranks in 1989 and a showdown between the two seemed inevitable. It was Lewis' last professional boxing match, having decided to retire after eventually rejecting a rematch.Though Klitschko came into the fight as the underdog, he was able to get off to a great start in the fight. Lennox always fought the same way; Lewis fought tall, disciplined, taking advantage from his height and reach, an effective jab, high ring IQ, good power but no inside game. Lewis accepted but never got his shot at Iron Mike. Lennox Lewis vs. Vitali Klitschko, billed as \"Battle of the Titans\", was a professional boxing match contested on June 21, 2003 for the WBC, IBO, The Ring and Lineal Heavyweight Championships.