In 1988, Wooten found himself living in Nashville. It is here/there. "My mom always said the world needs more than just good musicians. When he finally heard a recording of Béla's band New Grass Revival, he was hooked. U Can’t Hold No Groove... Victor Wooten. Currently, over twenty years later, the band is still going strong. They prepared me for just about anything by teaching me to keep my mind open and to learn to adapt.". "If the world were to follow you today, where would you lead them?". Wooten, now a five-time Grammy winner, hit the worldwide scene in 1990 as a founding member of the super-group Bela Fleck and the Flecktones. A five-time Grammy award winner and one of Rolling Stone‘s ‘top ten bassists of all time’, Victor Wooten certainly has the chops to put on a show. "I was born at the right place and the right time to a wonderful family.". But everyone knows Victor has monster chops – he can slap, tap, double-thumb, open-hammer-pluck, throw his bass in the air … but what makes him one of the true greats is his awesome musicality.Today we’re going to take a closer look at the 10 most defining basslines from his incredible career! He started performing in nightclubs and theaters as the bassist with the family band at age five, and at age six, was on tour with his brothers opening shows for legendary soul artist Curtis Mayfield. We’re going to kick things off with a track that has become something of a signature tune for Victor ever since it appeared on his debut album A Show of Hands back in 1996.Aside from showcasing Victor’s unbelievable technique, check out the way Victor uses muted notes to really enhance the overall groove. Traveling the world was an eye-opening time of learning for young Victor, but it was one summer performing in the country show that, unbeknownst to him, changed his life forever. From 3 people. Some of these places include Strathmore College, Berklee College of Music, Stanford University, Harvard, Mississippi State, Miami University, Middle Tennessee State University, The Haven (Gabriola Isle BC, Canada), Various Nature Centers and camps, and The NYC "Y" with Dan Levitin, author of "This Is Your Brain On Music". After their initial meeting, Wooten and Fleck kept in touch and continued sharing musical ideas. Victor Wooten. Another song that I know Victor gets asked about a lot is his thumb-melting slap workout, Classical Thump.Victor wrote this song back in the mid-80s as an exercise for some of the thumb techniques he was working on and finally recorded it on A Show of Hands.
I feel like we're just getting started with the camps and Wooten Woods. He's moving quickly, so you'll have to try hard to keep up. Victor has been the bassist for Béla Fleck and the Flecktones since the group's formation in 1988 and Sinister Minister is undoubtedly the most popular song in the Flecktones setlist.It was recorded for the band’s self-titled debut album back in 1990. Funky D also features comedian/voicetrumentalist Michael Winslow (remember Police Academy? 10. The book presold hundreds of copies before its release quickly becoming a "must-read" for musicians world-wide. We've found this to be the best environment for learning.". Put it on and open up to the music.

Continuing to grow and always willing to share his gifts with all who desire to learn, it seems that Victor Wooten has no plans of slowing down.

Next up is the opener from the Flecktone 1993’s album Three Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest. You can hear it on the Flecktones 1996 album, Live Art.It soon became a crowd favourite and if you ever get a chance to see the Flecktones play it live you’ll see why. Recorded on his 2008 solo album, Palmystery, The Lesson features Victor’s brother and fellow Flecktone, Roy ‘Future Man’ Wooten on cajon and hand claps.Victor once again demonstrates his unparalleled facility on the bass, playing chords, arpeggios and melody lines while also strumming in a cool flamenco vibe. Check out this clip from the Jacksonville Jazz Festival. Victor Wooten. The album showcases Wooten's jazz composition and arranging skills with songs like "Two Timers", 'Flex', and "Song for my Father", but also brings to the forefront his artistically humble side with the celebratory track "Bass Tribute" and the thought provoking "I Saw God". It is complex/it is simple. Quickly learning the most popular fiddle tunes and techniques, he took the job at Busch Gardens' The Old Country in Williamsburg, VA playing fiddle and bass in the Good Time Country Show. 04:30. India.Arie, Victor Wooten. You might not know this, but the album version of You can’t Hold No Groove also features a very special guest vocalist - Will LeeHere’s a live clip from Bass Day 98. This was the first time that Victor really let his unbelievable technique loose on the world. "Musically, that means not being rigid and not having to play in a certain way.". These qualities were evident when, in 1981, his older brother, Roy, recommended him as a bluegrass fiddle player for a job performing at a nearby amusement park. Victor started his arrangement of the Beatles classic, Norwegian Wood, when he was asked to play a solo piece at a John Lennon Fundraiser. Victor Lemonte Wooten was born September 11, 1964 to military parents on an air force base outside of Boise, Idaho. Bluegrass fusion pioneer and one the most creative and technically accomplished electric bass players of his generation. Because the instrument is tuned different from a bass, Victor's lines came out sounding pretty strange when he played his friend's instrument. With all of this going on, it would seem like Victor Wooten would have no time for anything else, but that is not the case. That was when he became aware of a unique banjo player named Béla Fleck. U Can't Hold No Groove... Victor Wooten. Victor Wooten’s Best Songs. Erroll Garner / Dizzy Gillespie / Larry Morey / Frank Paparelli. "My brothers and parents were the foundation. Norwegian Wood Victor Wooten. One thing is for sure; you won't want to miss any of it, © victor wooten | vix records. In 1987, Victor traveled with his friend to Nashville, TN. But mistakes and wasted time is far more costly. say I. Victor has been heralded as "the Michael Jordan of the bass" and "one of the most fearless musicians on the planet." You know, my kids are actually starting to play gigs on their own now. Summer. His respected reputation as a teacher and speaker/lecturer on the subjects of both Music and Nature have garnered invitations for him to speak and teach at schools, universities, classes and spiritual centers around the world. Regi started teaching me as soon as I could sit up straight, and my parents let him do it.". The choice of using this unconventional approach to sharing unique ideas about music was a surprise to all. The album showcases Wooten's jazz composition and arranging skills with songs like "Two Timers", 'Flex', and "Song for my Father", but also brings to the forefront his artistically humble side with the celebratory track "Bass Tribute" and the thought provoking "I Saw God".

From 3 people. It’s a really good one to get started with if you’re new to Victor’s thumb technique. In 2009, Wooten Woods became the new home for all of Victor's camps. But, this only begins to tell the tale of this Tennessee titan. Medley/Some Day My Prince Will Come/Misty/A Night in Tunisia/Vix Blues. Jaco Pastorius - Bass Players You Should Know, Marcus Miller - Bass Players You Should Know, Pino Palladino - Bass Players You Should Know, Anthony Jackson - Bass Players You Should Know.

Find Victor Wooten song information on AllMusic. Harmonic Layering - Arpeggios, Chord Tones & Scales. Victor lends his voice as the narrator and main character, but enlisted many of his friends and fellow musicians to read the parts of all the remaining characters. The only instrument on it other than bass guitar is voice. Offering an intriguing story full of anecdotes and mysticism, The Music Lesson has helped free the minds of musicians worldwide. Victor Wooten. What they soon found out was that the brothers were quickly becoming star attractions. He trusted me. Straight/Narrow. On the same date, Victor released The Music Lesson-A Spiritual Search for Growth Through Music, a self-published novel about Life and Music. Taken from their first album, Snake Soda is, as you might expect, a jazz-rock-fusion tour de force with Victor taking no prisoners when it comes to his solo. This is one of the most ambitious albums I have run across.

It’s a great example of Victor’s right-hand palm muting technique, which he uses to dampen the strings near the bridge and make it extra funky. You can't beat that. The new version, A Show of Hands 15, contains three bonus tracks and is also released on vinyl. Victor, having never played violin in his life, was thrilled to meet the challenge.
Soon after, the family packed up and moved on as military families often do. With a dozen recordings under their belt, the band has created a completely new sound and has become known for its genre-defying music. While messing around with a friend's banjo between shows, the friend commented on Wooten's unique banjo sound. Before you come to a sliding stop, give it a moment and listen to the beauty that comes forth from the speakers. I'm just happy that people like what I do and that I have a lot of support. Now that we are officially recognized as a not-for-profit organization (501c3), the door is wide open. Recorded with only a 4-string bass, no multi-tracking, and a lot of groove and soul, this revolutionary CD was voted one of the most important bass records of all time. These "intensive" style programs, now in its thirteenth year, welcome all instrumentation and vocalists, and have helped thousands of people of all ages from all corners of the world enhance their musical and personal lives. Me And My Bass Guitar. Recorded on his 2008 solo album, Palmystery, The Lesson features Victor’s brother and … "I remember getting that call from Roy. The nearly 150-acre retreat, owned by Victor and his wife, is located on the beautiful Duck River west of Nashville, TN. "Horse feathers!" I don't think the people who hired me ever knew I'd never played before.". This picturesque retreat center, largely built by the hands and hearts of past students, has provided many more opportunities for Victor and his staff to share their lifelong experiences with others. Medley/Some Day My Prince Will Come/Misty/A Night in Tunisia/Vix Blues. Wooten's sought-after skills and growing popularity have lead to recordings and performances with artists such as Chick Corea, The Dave Matthews Band, Bootsy Collins, Branford Marsalis, Mike Stern, Prince, India Arie, Keb Mo, Dennis Chambers, Susan Tedeschi, Gov't Mule, Bruce Hornsby, Stanley Clarke, Marcus Miller, Frank Gambale, the legendary Moroccan group Nass El Ghiwane, and many others. Spotify Amazon. Victor also wrote and performed the musical score to the audio book, which was voted as a one of five finalists at the 2011 Audie Awards (the audio book's equivalent to the Grammys) in the category of Personal Development. Education can be expensive. I had to learn to be a fiddler real quick, almost over night. Keep checking in at to stay current with everything Victor Lemonte Wooten has his hands and heart wrapped around. "People frequently thank us for sending their new spouses home.". From 1 person. Victor's Jam Victor Wooten. "We give students the opportunity to completely let go and be themselves while congregating in a peaceful non-competitive manner on an equal playing ground with each other and their instructors. With Dennis Chambers behind the kit and Vic on bass you’d expect some incredibly tight grooves, and it doesn’t get much tighter than on this track, Funky D.In 2017 Victor teamed up with Dennis Chambers and saxophonist Bob Franceschini to record a new album, Trypnotyx. Vix Records has already released multiple products and we're not even a year old yet. Victor came up with this track – aptly named Vix9 - the time signature makes it really difficult to feel, especially in the middle of the tune when it slows to a 3 beat feel.At this point the band were only a 3-piece with Victor’s brother Roy on Drumitar, so Victor really pulls out all the stops to fill out the sound, never imposing on Bela’s banjo solo, but all the while keeping things interesting.