Temporary items increase in power based on your player level. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Kalista sees very little play outside Duelist comps, but she had a solid role on those comps as a backline damage unit. When combat begins, the wearer and all allies within 2 hexes in the Lee Sin is an instant include in teams that need Divine or Duelist. Twisted Fate is the other 1 cost mage that provides a bit of backline magic damage. damage and up to 3 nearby enemies are dealt an additional 180 magic Her ability is also very powerful as she can disarm multiple enemies with good positioning. The holder's spells and basic attacks do 10% bonus damage.

2. Learn just how to implement those strategies with our ever-changing and ever-progressing TFT Strategies. Every third Basic Attack from the wearer deals 75 magic damage to Jinx is a Sharpshooter that also provides utility like Teemo.

Maokai does a good amount of damage early, but will need replacing unless used for synergy.

Akali is making a huge jump up in tier as she is now one of the premier 3 cost carries in the game.

Rebel. You also have the option to opt-out of these cookies. These cookies do not store any personal information. I personally get multiple perspectives when it comes to tier lists. not stack). One of the better mid game Brawlers, keep an eye out for him if you plan on running Brawlers. She can be a solid early game unit to use with Moonlight, but her usability largely depends on how Moonlight and Assassins fit in the meta.

same row gain +40% Attack Speed for the rest of combat. until they cast. This means you can use her as bait or to place items like Zephyr/Shroud of Stillness on. Mid: Sorcs start to come online and Ahri is one of the better ones. Zilean is another great unit that can be run on teams that want to splash 2 or 4 Mystic. This may change with the Divine changes, but for now she drops down to A. Katarina used to be one of the best 3 cost carries, but now that other options have been optimized, Katarina has fallen in power quite a bit. Placing her in the center of your team with Keeper will grant everyone a shield that will be beneficial throughout the game. He is an offensive unit by design and is unfortunately not very flexible when it comes to his team comps.

Youtube Content Creator and experienced strategy gamer, playing many CCG’s such as Hearthstone or Shadowverse and also playing Dota Auto Chess. When you visit our website, it may store information through your browser from specific services, usually in form of cookies. the wearer gains 25 Armor and Magic Resistance, and increases in Evelynn has a very strong ability, but her usability depends on whether or not Shades are strong in the meta. A strong backline damage dealer that helps transition into Warlord or Sharpshooter comps. temporary items. Can also be used to splash Dazzler early, but will likely be replaced with higher cost units later in the game. Want to explore Set 4: Fates?

While she is still great for comps committing to Cultist, she is no longer a must pick up for early game pressure. Sharpshooters was B tier on our site for a while, but toward the end of 10.20, players started to feel like Sharpshooters was underplayed and stronger than it was given credit for. Ahri is the main 4 cost damage dealing Mage. If this doesn’t work out or is too complex, then we will iterate in the future. crowd-controlled.

Grants 75% Critical Strike Chance (including components).

Because this game is so new, there are 100% going to be things that are going to be abused for wins.

These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. This list is optimized to help you climb. Irelia was rated high on our tier list because her ability is very strong.

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Furthermore, with traits like Adept and Mystic, he can be splashed into many teams that want those traits. Does good magic damage early for teams that are lacking it. Right now, we’ll be organizing by unit cost.

However, her Fortune trait also makes her less attractive in the late game as you want more synergies that empower your team rather than give you more gold. This effect does not stack. She mainly is a damage dealer, but has a bit of innate survivability through her ability and Shade trait. Irelia is a very solid unit as she has three traits. point of Critical Strike Chance above 100% becomes +1% Critical Star Guardian. Set 3.5. 2. Her Fortune trait also allows players to use her to build up more gold. Mages as a whole were very strong last patch, but the big nerf to Veigar may change that.

This allows her to transition into many different comps that use Enlightened or splash things like Divine and Adept. When data becomes available, we will add that to our decision making as well. We justify our decision making in the notes, so be sure to read that and weigh in. damage, plus 180 if they are shielded or crowd-controlled. Late: She gets outshined by Aurelion Sol, but still contributes meaningfully to caster damage.Blitzcrank 1. The holder's spells heal them for 33% of the damage dealt.

Lulu is the utility unit for Mage and Elderwood comps. Excess Teemo is a Sharpshooter that both provides utility and damage.

Heart a champion carries beyond the first increases the radius of As such, you can use her as a bait unit or for synergies in comps that need more Elderwoods or Mages. Any Origin. Each Frozen

If a unit usually carries and has good items, it is evaluated in that context since items are so integral to the game. Just playing God Tier Champs off of this TFT Tier List will not be enough.