Donald Trump's in trouble ahead of the November election. Bruce Whitfield interviews the airline's CEO, Elmar Conradie. if (document.selection.createRange) { Title, President Ramaphosa's economic recovery plan, PSG Group interim results: Unbundling of Capitec, ZOOM: Small Business Focus - Managing Gabs. The need for regulation – and 10 red flags to look out for in the meantime.

jQuery('img[class*="wp-image-"]').bind('click', function () { We want to empower each user, regardless of their financial situation, to take charge of their financial well-being. Veteran actress Lillian Dube shares all about her upbringing, career and beating cancer twice on #Hangingout with Clement. Lots of stuff learning about online and markets (trading and investing), 2007 - 2010 ~ Worked at Standard Online Share Trading, 2008 ~ JSE Direct on ClassicFM (the show now runs as a weekly podcast via Just One Lap), 2011 - 2012 ~ Co-hosted Hot Stoxx daily on CNBC Africa, 2012 ~ Co-host The Week That Was on BusinessDayTV, 2012 - 2019 ~ Host Stock watch on BusinessDayTV, 2017 - 2019 ~ ETF Investor with Nerina Visser on BusinessDayTV. "left": x

} Tax Free Investing Announced 2015 Budget Speech Effective 1 March 2015 Individuals only No companies, partnerships or trusts Totally tax free Totally Estate tax the only tax to be paid . Trader, investor, podcaster and columnist ll about the JSE. Why is Lesotho trying to shut down its biggest mobile operator? For many this will be the first step into the world of trading. An interview with Just One Lap founder, Simon Brown. There’ll be many opportunities for frontier investors in the coming years, says Absa's Somaya Joshua. That buying has now disappeared because they probably want to rebuild. Get the best bits emailed to you daily, right after it ends: The Money Show's Bruce Whitfield chats to Opportune Investments fund manager Chris Logan. 'In November FlySafair will be back to 100% of what we used to fly'. Just One Lap.

Mike Abel (author of "Willing & Abel: Lessons from a decade in crisis") on how to build a business when the economy is shot. Tax Free Investing He shares his views in the media, writes for Finweek, host a morning show on Moneyweb and is a co-host of The Week That Was on BusinessDay TV. But that’s not critical. My Octopus Teacher connecting 'non-ocean' people to nature says Maryke Musson (CEO, Two Oceans Aquarium Education Foundation). Thank you for listening to the TechCentral podcast. Investor, trader, speaker, writer, photographer, chocolate eater, wine & coffee drinker and sock wearer. In 2015, Just One Lap broadened its reach by adding jargon-free financial and investment education to the mix. Ahead of the president's address to Parliament, the experts weigh in.... Department of Trade, Industry and Competition director-general Lionel October reflects on economic plan that will be unveiled. Former Statistician-General Dr Pali Lehohla on his attitude to money (hopes and fears, successes and failures, etc.). ZOOM: Personal Finance : Is it time to review our personal finances now that the worst of lockdown is past us and the economy is starting to move again? So far correction. Simon Brown, Just One Lap. Bruce Whitfield interviews 702 presenter John Perlman about his attitude to money (hopes and fears, successes and failures, etc.). SIMON BROWN: I think it’s more of the latter.

Simon Brown Just One Lap .

You just ‘sommer’ buy and you try not to sell. Simon is a well-known and trusted market commentator.

You look at the big guys and they’re global players. SIMON BROWN: I think you do and you can get exposures…75% or thereabouts of the earnings of our market is international. And, I look at the commodities, platinum…maybe our platinum miners are coming back on stream because we’ve  always been told that the platinum supply and demand globally is kind of in balance and going to go into an under supply. Understanding the huge emotional impact of out of control finances, she became passionate about sharing her experience. tweetLink = createTweetLink(getSelectedText(), e); 'In November FlySafair will be back to 100% of what we used to fly'. "top": y, He explains how index and FX trading works (they are both different to equity or CFD trading) as well as presenting two trading systems; the Lazy Trading System and another for trading news flow. So one has to pick incredibly carefully. Bruce Whitfield interviews Ciko Thomas (Nedbank) about his attitude to money (hopes and fears, successes and failures, etc.).

Join our mailing list to receive top business news every weekday morning. More from The Money Show with Bruce Whitfield, PwC report finds accounting irregularities at Tongaat Hulett, FNB processes almost 3,000 transaction per second on 2019 Black Friday, 'I’m very conscious about how I spend.
Simon Brown is a market commentator, educator, trader and investor.

function createTweetLink(text, e) { Platinum is falling back quite rapidly, quite sharply and even if you look at the gold price, oil, they’ve all pulled back on the commodities front and we’re not sure do we interpret this as healthy data in terms of no longer being a proxy for risk, or do we say this is the global economy and the engine of the global economy is actually slowing down quite sharply? return range.toString() Early on Friday the US president said he and his wife, first lady Melania had tested positive for the coronavirus. I don’t buy fancy cars.

So drinking less beer, buying ETFs and then when you’ve got a good core of ETFs go and pick some really, really solid blue chips to put around it and the occasional little small-caps stock that can really boost your portfolio one day, maybe even the mid-cap ETF in South Africa, and just start building.

oldTweetLink.parentNode.removeChild(oldTweetLink); The gauntlet will be thrown down 'to do stuff that's better' says branding expert Andy Rice. Developing a keen interest in trading during the mid-1990s, Simon learned his market lessons at the School of Hard Knocks. Bruce Whitfield speaks to TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod. My wife and I took out retirement annuities when we were 24.

Moneyweb requires cookies to function properly. Lewis Hamilton gifted with Michael Schumacher's helmet after victory in the Eifel grand Prix at the Nürburgring in Germany. The flip…then you look at Ellies…Ellies is almost trading at…below its tangible net asset value (TNAV) which is…I’ve been caught by TNAV before, but you look at Ellies and you say well do you want to be in the stock that’s going to have a tough time because they’re so linked to the economy, even if they’re cheap? Prof. John Stremlau gives his expert take on the US presidential race. Her journey into the financial world started with a major financial misstep. With each venture he became increasingly aware of a huge gap for free and readily-available financial education. I buy bargains', Enjoy life and save for the future by splitting income using the '50/15/5 rule', 'Emigration is draining skills, destroying the future of South Africa’s economy', How to get a nice, fat tax refund from Sars (a guide for business owners), Jeremy Mansfield gets real about his money and beliefs about it, 'We had a disdain for money.

What should we be doing with our money now? imageLoading: "", I think it can go further, I frankly hope that it can go further. By continuing to use our website, we assume you are okay with it. In the US there are nineteen healthcare ETFs and to me it’s that range of choice which is staggering. EFF Leader, Julius Malema on his take on the Senekal Saga: They are moving forward with the protest action.

For a lot of investors who’ve been in the market for the last five years or seven years, they’ve enjoyed a run that’s really not sustainable and I think if you look back to historical means this has far outstripped anything that most asset managers or retail investors have enjoyed for as long as we can remember, so I think we go back and we say, Simon imagine that you’re sitting talking to yourself 20 years ago and you’ve got exactly the same market conditions…what do you say? MARC ASHTON: Yes…I think this then brings the issue about liquidity and I was chatting to Keith McLachlan about the small-cap market and one of the points that we’ve raised was suddenly you have a lot of liquidity being taken out of the market a little bit of risk money being taken off the table, and suddenly the smaller and mid-cap shares have been sold off and you think…gee does this presents an opportunity as an investor who does buy into the value proposition and there’s some really good businesses out there.

Through Just One Lap, she hopes to offer support, encouragement and education to those who are trying to change their financial destiny. We have trading and investment portfolios, live events, blogs and podcasts. Early on Friday the US president said he and his wife, first lady Melania had tested positive for the coronavirus.