The HQ-61 was applied to only a limited degree. The JL-1 was first test fired in 1982 and first successfully launched from the Xia class SSBN in 1987. High speed missiles are seen as the most effective means of attacking modern warships. [5], In July 2011, a senior researcher of the Academy of Military Sciences said China needed at least three aircraft carriers for its fleet. The Shenyang J-15 J-15 could operate from the carrier equipped with two YJ-83K anti-ship missiles, two short-range PL-8 air-to-air missiles, and four 500 kg (1,100 lb) bombs, but a weapons load exceeding 12 tons would not get it off the ski jump, prohibiting it from carrying heavier munitions such as PL-12 medium-range air-to-air missiles, making it an unlikely match if hostile fighters are encountered when flying strike missions; furthermore, it can only carry two tons of weapons while fully fueled, limiting it to no more than two YJ-83Ks and two PL-8s.

Mines remain to be seen as a very useful power amplifying tool by the PLAN. Four months later, the deputy chief-of-staff of PLA Zhang Aiping and the deputy commander-in-chief of LAN Luo Shunchu (罗舜初) led a military delegation to visit former-Soviet Union signed a deal with Soviets to produce three types of Soviet torpedoes in China. Following the disbanding of the Marine Corps, the People's Liberation Army Navy (PLAN) did maintain a naval infantry force, which consisted of several infantry and amphibious tank regiments. A 76 mm main gun based on a Russian AK-176 is mounted forward. As a result, both C-101 and C-301 saw very little service. Weapon systems of the naval branch of the People's Liberation Army of China, Older and legacy artillery systems currently in use, Submarine-launched ballistic missiles and land attack rockets, Kunming Wuwei Science & Technology Trade Co., Ltd (昆明五威科工贸有限公司), Kunming 705th (Research) Institute Science & Technology Development Co. (昆明七零五所科技发展总公司), Type 79 automatic twin 100 mm enclosed gun mount, Type 79A automatic twin 100 mm enclosed gun mount, Type H/PJ33A automatic twin 100 mm enclosed gun mount, French Cresusot-Loire Compact 100 mm gun mount, Type 210 100/55 automatic single 100 mm enclosed gun mount, Type HPJ87 100/55 automatic single 100 mm enclosed gun mount, (Beijing) New Source Yongtai Electro-optics Science and Technologies Development Co. Ltd. (北京新源永泰光电科技发展有限责任公司), Shanghai Ship & Shipping Research Institute (上海船舶运输科学研究所), Xi’an (Research) Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics (西安光学精密机械研究所), Beijing Time Frequency Technology Co., Ltd (北京泰富坤科技有限公司), Chinese Defence Today - Type 61 Dual-37mm Shipboard Antiaircraft Artillery Gun, Chinese Defence Today - Type 69 Dual-30mm Automatic Antiaircraft Artillery Gun, "Russia / USSR 57 mm/81 (2.24") ZIF-71 and ZIF-75 - NavWeaps", Chinese Defence Today - Type 76A Dual-37mm Shipboard Antiaircraft Artillery Gun, Chinese Defence Today - AK-630 Close-In Weapon System (CIWS), "The Naval Institute Guide to World Naval Weapons Systems, 1997-1998", Chinese Defence Today - CY-1 Anti-Submarine Rocket, "Application of TRONKA Sonar System in Frogman Detection--《Ocean Technology》2008年02期", "Application of research of TRONKA sonar system in frogmen detection--《Meteorological,Hydrological and Marine Instruments》2008年03期", Harbor Underwater Frogmen Detection System, Information operations and information warfare, Office for Reform and Organizational Structure, Office for International Military Cooperation, National University of Defense Technology, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation, China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation, China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation,, Weapons of the People's Republic of China, Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded phrases from February 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Soviet ZIF-32 twin 57 mm open gun mount (Type 66), Type 76 automatic twin 37 mm open gun mount, Soviet Bu-11 (Type 63) manual twin 37 mm open gun mount, Soviet 2M-8 (Type 61) manual twin 25 mm open gun mount, Single or twin 12.7 mm heavy machine gun (open mount), Soviet 130/58 M1957 twin 130 mm enclosed gun mount, Soviet 130/50 M1936 130 mm semi-enclosed gun mount, Soviet 100/56 Bu-34 single 100 mm semi-enclosed gun mount, H/PJ26 stealthy 76 mm enclosed gun mount developed from AK-176, This page was last edited on 16 May 2020, at 16:27.
Though only one ship is being tested for now, this is a very possible concept for future PLAN conversions of their large number of old Luda's and Jianghu's. [6] During the same month, another Chinese official announced that two aircraft carriers were being built at the Jiangnan Shipyard in Shanghai, the aircraft carriers are reportedly based on a similar design to Liaoning, suggesting a displacement of approximately 65,000 tonnes. Its main armament is two twin 57 mm guns, and two 25 mm AAA.

The ship was completed in 1970 carrying two twin launchers for the HQ-61B short ranged SAM, this vessel served as the sole PLAN SAM capable frigate until the 1990s. The first PLAN destroyers were the Anshan class, directly purchased from the Soviet Union. The Siping is believed to perform more as a test ship, with a single helicopter hangar and a new single 100 mm gun mount similar to the French Creusot-Loire rapid fire main gun. The Chinese Army is officially called the People’s Liberation Army, has the strength of about 255,000 active personnel. Gun armaments vary across the class, including a single 100 mm mount or a more modern Type 79 100 mm twin mounts. This was a medium-ranged rocket that carried a torpedo as its warhead. PLAN vessels have traditionally utilized depth charges and A/S Mortars. The People's Liberation Army Navy Surface Force is a branch of the People's Liberation Army Navy in China. The agility of small coastal craft coupled with fast torpedoes was a grave threat for larger combat vessels. Such gun craft included the Kronstadt class heavily armed gun boats which served the PLAN until the 1980s. The propulsion system and electronics of the electrically powered passive acoustic homing torpedo had also been completed, while the basic technologies of compressed oxygen torpedoes was also mastered by China.

Daily military news updates from defense technology, international news and more. It is designed to be a modern, multi-purpose warship, with four enormous Type 346B AESA radars and an integrated mast containing intelligence equipment, electronic countermeasures, and fire control radars. [19][20], The Type 056 has a stealthy hull design with sloped surface and a reduced superstructure clutter. Moored-1 and Moored-2 entered mass production in 1964 and 1965 respectively. Since 2003, three new classes of indigenous destroyers have emerged. The project was completed in 1974, and the ultrasonic remote control can be either used to arm or disarm the mines, or alternatively, directly detonate the mine. The S-300FM is capable of engaging low- to high-altitude targets as far as at least 150 km. The missile can also be launched from shore platforms and aircraft.[11]. One such weapon is the Wake homing torpedo, which homes on a surface ship's wake rather than just sonar readings. The JL-2 will be the next generation of Chinese SLBM, similar to early variants of the Trident. Furthermore, economic and technical sophistication to produce the fire control, targeting systems, and tracking capabilities were not in place until the mid-1980s. The demands of modern-day warfare has meant that logistic support ships in the navy are becoming vital. This missile externally appears similar to the French Exocet and American Harpoon, but is essentially a Chinese designed weapon system. Machine guns such as the 12.7 mm and 14.5 mm are also classified as automatic weapons; being widely operated as short-range self-defense weapons on most amphibious craft. For retired aircraft, see list of historic aircraft of the People's Liberation Army Air Force. Therefore, a lot of modern weapon systems such as SAMs, modernized torpedoes and missile/sensor systems were not introduced into service until the early 1980s.

The Soviet Union's assistance to Chinese military developments included the SS-N-2 Styx anti-ship missile technology. The Shenyang J-15 is the main fighter aircraft uses onboard the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning. harvnb error: no target: CITEREFHoyle_and_Fafard_Flight_International_10–16_December_2019 (, list of historic aircraft of the People's Liberation Army Air Force, List of unmanned aerial vehicles of China, Currently active military equipment by country, International Institute for Strategic Studies, China's KJ-500 AEW&C platform 'enters service',, PLAAF reportedly receives first Y-20 airlifter, "Chinese air force inducts Y-20 transport aircraft into service", Chinese companies are racing to build the best stealth fighters for China's next-generation aircraft carriers, "Second Y-9 transport aircraft enters service with PLAGF, says report", Information operations and information warfare, Office for Reform and Organizational Structure, Office for International Military Cooperation, National University of Defense Technology, Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps, China National Aero-Technology Import & Export Corporation, China National Electronics Import & Export Corporation, China Precision Machinery Import-Export Corporation,, Lists of aircraft in military current format, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 4 October 2020, at 00:15.

While most surface combat vessels have some torpedo capability, it is secondary and some ships do not feature torpedo tubes at all.

This was installed on the 052C class warships. PLAN destroyers have mounted sixteen missiles.

Armament will include 112-cell modular VLS able to operate with a variety of missiles, including land-attack cruise missiles, and a new 130 mm naval gun.

They feature heavy Western influence, and instead of using the SY-2 missiles, they are armed with the YJ8 series. The Hainan class has proven itself to be a reliable design in many roles. China sought to import the Russian SA-N-6 long-range SAM system. This system like the 37 mm is almost totally ineffective [2] against modern jet aircraft and incoming missiles. that China had ordered the latest Russian APR-3E light ASW torpedo for its Ka-28 and Be-200 ASW aircraft. The purchase of two additional Sovremenny class destroyers will give PLAN the Kashtan CIWS system (gun and SAM combination). In spite of the more recent trend to construction of larger warships, like destroyers, this status is unlikely to change in the near future: Frigates were the first large surface combatants made available to the PLAN. The JL-1 is currently carried on board China's sole SSBN, the Xia 092. These guns are highly limited—they can be operated only in clear weather conditions and are effective only in daylight conditions since they lack radar coordination or any form of automatic or autonomous targeting. There is provision for the fitment of four YJ8 series anti-ship missiles as well. Although retired from the active service, the Anshan class destroyers remain on PLAN's list and act as training ships and perform public relations duties. An unfinished Su-33 prototype, the T-10K-3, was acquired from Ukraine in 2001 and is said to have been studied extensively, reverse engineered, with development on the J-15 beginning immediately afterward. A total of 20 corvettes are initially planned, but it is expected that anywhere up-to 60 corvettes could be eventually brought into active service.[21]. Learn how your comment data is processed.
The Type 76F is a Type 76A system with simplified fire control system, which has the electrooptic system but not the radar.