As an added benefit, you may be permitted to bring assets, like cars and boats, to New Zealand without paying customs. Sure, you can see people from all over the world in New Zealand and find the indigenous Maori culture strongly represented, but the diversity of wildlife and geography is also one of New Zealand’s most outstanding features. As such, the new government has also vowed to ban the sale of residential properties to foreign investors. And why would investors and entrepreneurs choose a country with such a high tax burden as their refuge?
You will also need to submit a business plan, achieve 120 points, and meet general requirements for English proficiency, health, and character. There are two different ways to get citizenship in New Zealand by investment, starting with an investment of at least $2 million over a four-year period. The table below provides the number of applications considered for deprivation of New Zealand citizenship under the Citizenship Act 1977. For some, New Zealand provides business freedom, political stability, and safe banking not found in their home country. I was born in NZ but moved to Canada when I was 7 , I would like to apply for dule citizen ship as well as obtain dule citizenship for my children do I go about this ? New Zealand is full of natural beauty, but if you want to become a permanent resident, plan to make a serious business investment to get in. New Zealand has made headlines with wealthy expats like Paypal co-founder Peter Thiel buying their way to citizenship. There are two different ways to get citizenship in New Zealand by investment, starting with an investment of at least $2 million over a four-year period. To be invited to apply, you must reach 160 points. The immigration office should do their due diligence to figure out if you’re a proud member of the KKK or a known ecoterrorist, but they may ask you for some confirmation regarding your criminal record.
This will allow you to pass down citizenship to children born outside New Zealand. Citizens and permanent residents enjoy certain rights and protections, including the right to reside permanently in New Zealand.”. The Cyprus Investment Program doesn’t come cheap: You’ll need to spend about $2.5 million between donations and real estate investments, but in exchange you’ll be able to travel visa-free to 174 destinations worldwide. The following table places the state of citizenship selling in a global perspective. Your family will be able to join you. In this column, "Transformative Travel," I look at. The final step in the citizenship process is attending a citizenship ceremony. This is not the case, it was governed by the National Party. If you are not married but want to apply as a de facto partners you must already be living together full time. Not just anyone who wants to move to New Zealand to work can do so. The Entrepreneur Work visa only grants temporary residency but may be your first step towards acquiring permanent residency. There are two main pathways to citizenship in New Zealand: citizenship by descent and citizenship by grant. The application process in New Zealand is also much faster than most other countries; 90% of applications are processed within 6 to 8 weeks. New Zealand citizenship by descent is probably the quickest and least expensive path to citizenship and a passport. Now, let’s discuss the process of becoming a Kiwi. Your documents will provide evidence that you meet the basic requirements for the Investor 2 Category visa: health, character, English proficiency, and business experience.