News broke on Saturday 4 June that legendary boxer Muhammad Ali had died at the age of 74. Which is to say he was far more than merely the heavyweight champion of the world, even at a time when the title carried a prestige that is unfathomable now. It doesn't make sense to waste time on hating. ", "Now the things that once were so effortless - my strong voice and the quickness of my movements - are more difficult. ", "When you can whip any man in the world, you never know peace. ", "It's lack of faith that makes people afraid of meeting challenges, and I believed in myself. Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Whatsapp. His poems predated rap music, his media savvy demonstrated a mastery of “branding” before it became a term of vogue, as was his merger of faith and athletic accomplishment. but he found his place in history. Joe will go down in history Wait till you see Muhammad Ali. It's just plain wrong. I only start counting when it starts hurting because they're the only ones that count. Make the days count.”, “He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”, “What you’re thinking is what you’re becoming.”, “The man who has no imagination has no wings.”, “Live every day as if it were your last because someday you’re going to be right.”, Related: How To Discover Your Passion In 5 Easy Steps, By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. From the 1960 Rome Olympics till his death on June 3, 2016, there is no doubt that Muhammad Ali earned the title of “The Greatest of All Time.” While he definitely proved his prowess as a boxer, becoming an Olympic gold medalist and world heavyweight-boxing champion, his fights outside the ring cannot be forgotten. But there could have been much, much more from a man who was ahead of his time in so many ways. Here are some of Ali’s own words … It is impossible to convey to the current media-saturated generation how large a shadow Ali cast on America from the time he first won the heavyweight championship in 1964 until his last fight of note in 1980. MUHAMMAD ALI WORDS OF WISDOM BLACK. Suffer now and live the rest of … To celebrate the occasion Ali wrote a poem, which he recited at will, to whomever would listen. Before America and the rest of the world became wired for cable, Ali was everywhere. ", "Don't count the days; make the days count. The strategy backfired. ", "You don't lose if you get knocked down; you lose if you stay down. In my mind the losers are those who don't have a cause they care about. Now, we’ve collected some of Ali’s best pieces of life advice to share his hard-won wisdom.