Acceptance letter from an EU university - Must include your name, length of stay and university program. Some of them through that the European Union blue card would be enough. In fact, young and adventurous expats continue to set up base in this warm and welcoming country every year. This is a subject I know a lot, because this website you are visiting right now was in the beginning part of my medical interpreting career. There, you’ll get a Certificate of Empadronamiento, another important document necessary for registering with doctors and schools. If you dream of buying your own place, it’s good to know that in 2007 Spain experienced a large real estate crash that is still recovering from. Regardless of which model you choose, you will need your NIE to open an account. These new contacts can also help explain Spanish work culture, which is notable for its long days (9:00 AM to 8:00 PM is common) and luxurious lunch breaks that last two to three hours. When it comes to moving to Spain, there are three variables you will not read anywhere on the Earth. If not, you will also need to pay for: Your choices for housing will usually include the following options: Keep in mind that, whenever possible, it’s always best to try to find a few roommates and share an apartment. While it is important to always take preventative measures and stay healthy while you’re at home, it’s arguably even more important to do so when living abroad. That said, some flexibility on price, neighborhood, and amenities goes a long way. Most expats don’t have a problem finding a great apartment. You won’t be able to obtain your Spanish residency card with any form of public/private health insurance. It’s all connected. Thankfully, the residency requirements for Spain are fairly easy to understand. If you’re working in Spain, public health insurance will be included in your social security deductions, but you’ll need to register for it. However, the NIE is really essential for anything you need to do in Spain. Due to the steady influx of incoming international students and workers, housing is in high demand throughout most of Europe. So, be sure to budget that into your expenses. The only new appointments were for at least two months later. With your NIE in hand, you’ll have to visit your local municipal office or town hall to complete the registration process. Family Dos read a few articles on the Internet, post a few times in Facebook groups, and try a few forums. It’s 100% guaranteed. Typically, Spanish people in big towns and cities will know enough English to at least give you directions. After your meeting, you will need to make payment at a local bank and return with the receipt. Emergencies are covered for everyone visiting or living in Spain. Copy of passport data - Add your passport’s biometric data. Visa: The starting point for most non-EU citizens. It also serves as the regulator for the banking sector. The Spanish residency was in my clients’ hands that day. Other organs that could potentially cause death, And of course, success stories where people survived. You can expect a good standard of living while earning an average salary. Proof of accommodation - Must have a letter that you’ll be staying with a relative or at a dorm, or a rental agreement. As you’ve probably heard, it’s always best to “know before you go!”. Great… but where?). Be sure that you have these documents before you leave home, as obtaining them after you’ve relocated can be very difficult and time-consuming. As such, many expats opt for the comfort and convenience of private insurance, as wait times are greatly reduced. So focus on securing that posting before you let yourself dream of the beach. Academic qualifications - Records or a diploma to show that you meet the university’s requirements. And of course, English is spoken, but you’ll mostly hear it on the streets around the university and major expat neighborhoods. However, imported luxury goods like electronics are expensive. Unless the health issue is life-threatening, treatments will not be free; which means you are not going to get treated without having the full coverage health card or without paying. To do so, you must visit Secretaria De Estado De Administraciones Publicas online and make an appointment, which is typically set within two weeks. However, what really matters, the visas, the Spanish residency, tax, buying property… relocating the right way in short, can only be done in one way. Hire somebody who takes care of the complex stuff. Spain also produces an abundance of food and fish, ham, lamb, fruit, vegetables, and olive oil, which are extremely affordable. The country’s warm climate, high quality of life, and affordable cost of living make it the perfect destination for life-work balance. And no wonder! Perhaps as non-resident? And no wonder! However, if you have time to learn a few key phrases in Spanish, it’s always a great idea to try to do so before your arrival. I was recently with some clients doing residencies. So, they collect as much information as possible from the Internet. My favourite Spanish dishes (besides me, probably only my mum and grandma would be proud to read this. We’ll take housing in Barcelona as an example. It’s often difficult to compete with some of the career opportunities that can be found abroad. Both offer customers a choice of currents accounts (which functions as a regular chequing account) and savings accounts, as well as all-digital options. So, get comfortable, because we’re going to talk all things España! Many people still think that healthcare is free is Spain. While there are many job openings in industries like engineering, IT, medicine, having strong local contacts and Spanish language skills are essential to finding a the best jobs in Spain in any field. The Spanish national health system (known as the SNS) is available for expats working in Spain, as well as foreign retirees. Two copies of a passport photo - Must have been taken in the past three months. It is the only thing that matters to me: solving my clients’ problems, standing up on the Spanish surf board to ride the Spanish obstacles. I’m afraid Familia Uno read too much misleading information on the Internet… they believed it all; everything that they learned about moving to Spain was wrong. If you come from the EU, EEA or Switzerland, then you will not need a visa. Add in a superb healthcare system and affordable housing market and it’s easy to see why moving to Spain is such a popular choice for expats from all over the world. This guide about moving to Spain is for both EU and non-EU citizens, but before you start reading…. You are reading this article thanks to that investment. To help you budget when living abroad, we’ll give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on accommodation in Spain. Sunny Spain. Insurance - Submit proof of travel medical insurance up to €30,000. I moved to the USA in 2001 and it was not free. He goes to the emergency room at a public hospital. It’s imperative that you check the individual residency requirements for each country. Parents in Spain have the choice of sending children to public schools, private schools, or colegios concertados. Almost six percent of Spain’s population are expats. As such, in some areas, there might be a surplus of affordable properties available for purchase. Instead, you have wonderful resources, such as the Travel Spain! You are investing in doing things legally in Spain. However, Spain is very popular with expats, so you’ll definitely want to begin your search at least three to four months before your expected arrival date. As long as this guide helps you avoid painful mistakes, I will be happy . The country’s warm climate, high quality of life, and affordable cost of living make it the perfect destination for life-work balance. Plus, it also provides you with an instant set of friends and an in-house support system. I could have written a never-ending guide full of examples and possible scenarios for moving to Spain, as many articles you can read on the Internet. In fact, it’s a legal requirement to be covered by a valid health insurance plan. I invested to move there. The Spanish taxman is not going to accept the old excuse: sorry, I did not know. So, book a place in Spain through a trusted housing platform, and get ready for your big move! Paying deposits to real estate companies that did not exist, or to people who run away with the money. As Family Uno, they have been going round in circles. The system is funded by social security payments, which are required of all employees as well as self-employed individuals.