The scoutship, with Shrike on board, finds the pair and the Stalker confronts them. And the classification of people into specific professions (Engineers, Historians, etc), which I had previously encountered in “Fever Crumb”, feels even more rigid and restricting. this was a surprisingly dark book.

Actually, her story was the most interesting one. ODIN is an American satellite, as the code for controlling the satellite comes off an American submarine, and it briefly searches for the American cities it was placed in orbit to defend after it is reawakened by the Stalker Fang. Tom and Hester are rescued by Fang, who is revealed to be an Anti-Traction League agent, and takes them to the Shield Wall of Batmunkh Gompa which protects the nation-state of the League. This has the power to exterminate cities (both traction and static) and provoke volcanic eruptions. I liked her even better than Hester, as Hester's character was kind of a dull one. Recommended to Evelina | AvalinahsBooks by: So do they hand out those literary prizes for anything now? The Stalker discovers that the village has utilised Childermass’ anti-gravity machines, and that he has woken hundreds, if not thousands of years into the future. With their secret discovered, they kidnap Tom and leave the city. MEDUSA is an Ancient superweapon that was reconstructed in London's Saint Paul's Cathedral in the events of the first book.

As one character says, "It's a town eat town world." 4 stars, Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles, #1). The book was later made available as a stand-alone e-book. Pennyroyal informs Hester and Shrike of Zero's predicament, and Hester is shakily reunited with Tom, who tells her that Theo is alive and with Wren in London. I especially liked how Reeve initially juxtaposes the beautiful, "High London" girl Kate, who is oblivious to the oppression that keeps her world afloat, with a physically and mentally scarred Hester, who is b. I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Six months after the events of Infernal Devices, General Naga, the now-leader of the Green Storm after the supposed demise of the Stalker Fang, has formed a truce with the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft, blossoming a new era of trade and peace. Download | Pdf | Read Online | Free | Summary Mortal Engines By Philip Reeve The epic city-eat-city adventure is now a major motion picture produced by Peter Jackson! [8] Many of the characters are named after ancient (in the context of the books) brands: Windolene Pye, Daz Gravy, Nutella Eisberg, Napster Varley, and Nabisco Shkin for example. Eventually she sees Tom kissing Freya, and flies away from the city in the Jenny Haniver.

3.5 stars (I think.)

The airship downs near Fang's old home, where Hester and Tom leave Pennyroyal. The owner of the slave trade company, Nabisco Skhin, intends to sell the two to Traction Cities in Nuevo Maya, but Wren convinces him to give them to Pennyroyal, who is now Mayor of Brighton; due to Wren's knowledge of Anchorage (and thus can expose Pennyroyal's lies). The book pretty much follows the same plot as the movie with some minor differences. Pennyroyal finds an anti-Stalker weapon that Hester dropped and makes his way toward the house. I didn't expect that to happen. 3.5 stars (I think.)

Arkangel chases Anchorage, leading to the Huntsmen led by Masgard capturing Anchorage and leaving it helpless on the ice to be eaten. On the plus side, the novel actively attacks heroic ideals, leaving a darker, more morally ambiguous world view than I'd expected. Tom recovers from his wound, but is still very weak.

Fang suspects that the weapon that London has reassembled will be used to destroy the Shield Wall, and warns League Governor Khan of MEDUSA. The story moves quickly and manages to pack in some interesting world-building.

The pair eventually boards a small town called Speedwell, where the owner Orme Wreyland drugs them and plans to sell the pair as slaves for profit at a trading cluster.

There are some great ideas here; I find the concept and the application of “municipal Darwinism” pretty scary. Wren discovers that Cynthia is a Green Storm agent, that she killed Plovery, installed the Stalker-bird in the safe and set Cloud 9 adrift; she explains that the Tin Book will help the Green Storm win the war against the Traktionstadtsgesellschaft. Sathya reveals that, according to her intelligence, Hester's father was Thaddeus Valentine. As a character, Kate was sweet, perky and the kind of girl who takes things in her hands and works to achieve what she wants. At the sides are enormous tracks or wheels; and huge hydraulic 'jaws' at the bows to capture smaller towns.

It can change its orbit when directed to target all over the globe. Cynthia escapes and downs the airship. Realising that Uncle sent Tom to die as a diversion, Caul prematurely detonates the charges the Lost Boys were positioning inside the Roost, sabotaging the operation, but saving Tom and Hester. Hester sends Tom to hide, and later liberates the inhabitants, killing Masgard and the Hunstmen in the process. Tom and Hester recover outside of London within the Hunting Ground, and after an argument start following the city's tracks to reboard it. YA fantasy and sci-fi aren't my usual cup of tea, but I ended up having a good bit of fun with Philip Reeve's early-2000's hit. Miles away, Shrike revives himself and arrives at Erdene Tezh too late, finding the remains of the Stalker Fang. [13] It stars Hugo Weaving, Hera Hilmar, Robert Sheehan, Jihae, Ronan Raftery, Leila George, Patrick Malahide, and Stephen Lang. In Asia, the Green Storm, under the leadership of the Stalker Fang, topples the old Anti-Traction League. Wren plots to escape on Pennyroyal's private sky-yacht the Peewit by enlisting Theo's help, but he refuses. When ODIN is fired, confusion ensues as both the Green Storm and Traction Cities are targeted.

And yes, the story is actually really good, but the writing isn't. The book pretty much follows the same plot as the movie with some minor differences. The Guild of Historians, led by Tom's boss Chudleigh Pomeroy, come to their aid, and battle with the Engineers. They are soon pursued by airships of the Green Storm, a fanatical splinter group of the Anti-Traction League, who want the Jenny Haniver as they believe it was stolen from their deceased leader and friend to Tom and Hester, Anna Fang.