Expats will find that they are obliged to find and pay for their own health insurance, which can be quite costly. 7-day money-back guarantee. Please contact us if you'd like to contribute. I do not know the language and I am not familiar with the city at all, so I wanted to ask what the pros and cons of living there would be. Zurich is a nice city, not very big but charming, especially the old town where you can find bars and restaurants. There is quite an active expat scene around here, so even without knowing the language, you'll find plenty of activities. Lots of cool bars and clubs and there are parks with free electric grills and the like. If you're writing about data being wrong, please don't do it here as it'll be removed but leave feedback in the bottom right of the frontpage. I really enjoyed staying in Madrid. One giant tourist trap. Pluses - transportation is very good and quite cheap, tons of restaurants, lots to do. To increase honesty, reviews are anonymous. They're married now. Having spent a total of two weeks in London on two separate occasions and having lived in NYC for two years, both are among my favorite cities in the world. French Swiss are slow to make business with and have a lot of bureaucracy. Food is cheap and everywhere, easy to go out and have fun/meet for business. I’m planning to head back to the Alps (Interlaken area) for May and June. Although we didn't need it, English level of most people is pretty good. I find Parisians are actually very patient and warm if you at least attempt to speak French; in my experience, most people who complain that they're rude are the ones making zero effort to speak the language. Log in. Its cosmopolitan atmosphere provides the setting for many different cuisines from around the world. From cultural differences to finding good accommodation to language barriers, expats should be prepared for both the challenges and advantages that come with moving to Switzerland's biggest city. Cancel anytime, Save 88% vs monthly. 7-day money-back guarantee. Bars and nightlife is not bad considering the pandemic, if you want to drink after midnight, you can join the masses of people on the top of the hill, and the police dont mind. If you find a bug, or have feedback, please write it here. Based on Zurich's cost of living, here's selected remote jobs that would cover your costs: Berlin is overall a great city to be. The tenant selection process can also be a … As a local there, I can say that I almost never carry cash with me. Because of the short supply of accommodation in Zurich, expats might have a hard time in finding a suitable space to live. I might be interested. Living in the city, even more so the city center, is horribly expensive in Zurich when it comes to rent. I am a CS new grad and I am considering getting a job at a software company based in Zurich. ❌ Nomad List members didn't like going here. Didn't like this city that much. You can also use your Twitter, Slack or Instagram username if it's connected to your Nomad List account. Get in touch if you can provide useful info on your city or answer forum questions from new expats. There's no good cafes to work from, the coworkings here are of extremely mediocre to bad quality here. If the robot can't detect a face, please try a different photo. - get a remote job, or make your job remote, In terms of insurance, there's lots of different ones.