There is no perfect product that can survive different environmental factors without the help of another product. Remember that you shouldn’t let it always getting wet during the rainy season as it will probably break. ), but the Video Doorbell 2 will be able to handle the runoff. No, the Ring doorbell is NOT PROTECTED for rain. At SmartHomePerfected our information is accurate and unbiased. *Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc., or its affiliates. There’s also a solution that can help you secure your Ring doorbell without even buying or making something! Please email or call our customer support team to request a return label. The device uses heat to detect motion and the sensors cannot detect the motion with the glass blocking it. To answer the question, ‘Are Ring Video Doorbells Waterproof?’ No, Ring Video Doorbells are water-resistant and have enough and efficient features to safeguard them from rainwater. I wouldn't suggest power washing over the device (definitely not rated for 3000psi water jet! The list below can help you to secure your device. The device offers protection to the Ring doorbell camera against rain and sunlight. The Ring doorbell is a great device to have in your smart home. With a Ring Protect subscription, starting from £2.50 per month per device, store unlimited Ring footage in the cloud for 30 days, to rewatch, download to your own device or share with friends and family. Does not work with other models of Ring doorbells such as Ring Video Doorbell or Ring Video Doorbell Pro. I live in southern California where we rarely get rain, but when we got pouring rain a few weeks ago, the Ring stopped working instantly, never to spring to life again. Can a Ring doorbell be installed behind glass to protect it from rain? This product is currently unavailable. Ways to reduce the risk of Ring getting wet and causing damage, Common Questions Relating to Ring doorbell, Sonew Plastic Rain Cover for Door Access Control, Wasserstein Colorful & Protective Silicone Skins. Get a 30-day trial of Ring Protect when you first set up your Ring device. … As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases. Therefore, it can be submerged into water for some time or depending on the depth of water. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. If you’re interested, check it on using this link, KWmobile Case is a silicone case that can be slipped right into the Ring Doorbell. The plastic cover protects the Ring doorbell from direct sunlight. It is advisable to install the Ring doorbell under a roof or a protected porch in front of the house. UV rays from the sun can cause a glare which distorts the image. Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus, No-Drill Mount is the drill and screw-free mounting option for your Ring Video Doorbell 3 and Video Doorbell 3 Plus. The silicone skin is resistant to extreme temperatures. The Ring doorbell should not be exposed to direct sunlight. The Ring Doorbell is than placed inside the hard case, screwed in in the exact same way as without the hard case. The Ring doorbell device generally comprises a bell, a camera, a two-way audio device, and motion sensors. There are many things that you can buy on the internet to protect your Ring Doorbell. While the Ring devices are not IP (Ingress Protection) rated, they are highly resistant to water. Weather-proof Wireless Doorbell Button: This is another one of those completed projects that I've now decided to publish while I was doing a battery change. It can’t be submerged completely in water or constantly sitting in heavy rain. such as street lights. You could cover any spaces where you think water may drip on to the device. Required fields are marked *. Ring doorbells are designed in a way to that it can withstand extreme weather conditions and therefore it advertises itself as the weatherproof. Additional protection, such as a weatherproof cover, can be utilized in cases where the Ring doorbell is installed in areas where it may be susceptible to intense water jets, which may penetrate the outer shell. It is powered by a battery and it also feature the capacity to maintain an activity log of missed rings of the doorbell. Waterproofing for outdoor electrical devices is important as by virtue of being installed outdoors, they will encounter more extreme weather conditions. Ring states that it isresistant to rain water, but it isn’t waterproof.This means that ifyou submerged your Ring under water, it would be damaged and no longer work. It is fast and easy to install. No. Ring Spotlight Cam vs. Ring Doorbell: Which Is Better? It offers protection against water from entering the shielded device. The PIR sensors used in Ring doorbells do not work if installed behind a glass protection. It can only work with the original flat-mount. Can it get wet and the best ways to protect it from lashing rain! Its edge-to-edge dimensions make it possible to install on relatively narrow surfaces. How to Hardwire Ring Doorbell – Tips and Steps to Keep in Mind, How to Remove Ring Doorbell in Quick and Easy Ways, POPMAS Sun visor bracket is a simple product that can you can install easily at your Ring Doorbell.