Private equity funds are the investment funds that are typically owned by limited partnerships to buy and restructure companies that are not traded publicly on the stock exchange. In fact, 1 in 5 of our portfolio managers previously spent time in private equity. Private Equity vs Hedge Fund in this, Private equity funds can be defined as the investment mechanism of private equity companies in a company that is privately held for the purpose of gaining ownership in the equity capital of … Difference Between Private Equity vs Hedge Fund. Hedge funds tend to invest in assets that can provide them good returns on investment (ROI) within a short-term time frame. Also, how do they invest, and how do they charge fees? Key Differences Between Private Equity and Hedge Funds. Investment vehicles – If you’re wealthy, should you invest in hedge funds or private equity funds? Private Equity vs. Hedge Funds Infographics. In terms of private equity vs hedge fund, the first difference is that of investment time horizons.

The main differences between private equity vs hedge fund are listed and discussed below: #1 Investment Time Horizon. Exit opportunities – If you’re currently in investment banking, sales & trading, or equity research, which one is best for the next step in your career? The “hedge fund vs private equity” question could refer to many things:. If you're asking this as an intellectual exercise Hedge Fund Portfolio Managers would make the most - probably by a significant margin.