They went to school to learn and play, but I had nowhere to go. Doing things makes us feel like we are in control, but instead of doing things we should take time to listen to God’s voice in the silence. I am beyond excited to start, Okay, let’s talk for a sec✨ 7 You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived. You cannot hear a whisper if you’re not close to the person who is whispering into your ear. He will make you ready. Let us quieten both the outside noise and our inner monologue, and with a humble spirit and inner silence let’s learn about silence in Scripture and how to hear God. Every day you’re living is God’s voice speaking through the subtlely of you existing. He said, “Go out and stand on the mountain before the LORD, for the LORD is about to pass by.” Now there was a great wind, so strong that it was splitting mountains and breaking rocks in pieces before the LORD, but the LORD was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake; and after the earthquake a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire a sound of sheer silence. © Copyright 2020 Catholic Exchange. When we are in the wilderness, we may feel like dying, but God will provide for us and sustain us for the next leg of the journey to lead us to him. If you find yourself in the wilderness, God may be preparing you for an amazing mission. The only noise I could hear in our empty house was the dull hum of the refrigerator. Andrew Garofalo lives in Parkland, Florida with his wife Julie and their three children. You can change your cookie settings through your browser. Give God the floor to speak! One piece of advice is offered to an aspiring writer: “You want to be a writerBut you don’t know how or whenFind a quiet placeUse a humble pen.”. You used to walk in these ways, in the life you once lived. Because of these, the wrath of God is coming. Then, he went alone into the wilderness and, as he sat beneath a broom tree, asked the Lord to take his life. Elijah consumed the food and water and then made a forty day and forty-night journey to Mount Horeb (Mount Sinai), God’s mountain. Just silence yourself and give God room to room! He flees the threat out of fear and leaves his servant to be alone. When he arrived on God’s mountain, Elijah went into a cave and slept. Managing Editor: Heather Moffitt; Senior Editor: Elena Mafter; Contributing Editors: Jamie Janosz, John Koessler; Writer: Brad Baurain; Art Director: Lynn Gabalec; Graphic Designers: Larry Bohlin, Rachel Hutcheson; Marketing & Production: Paul B. Currie; Digital Media Specialist: Elizabeth Doogan; Project Coordinator: Cheyenne Lehto; Donor Marketing Manager: Claire Kniowski, Moody Bible Institute 820 N. LaSalle Blvd. Thank you for studying with us and for your support of this ministry! ⠀ Everything was quiet. 3 For you died, and your life is now hidden with Christ in God. Life has been amazing since I left that prestigious law firm in 2009. By Andrew Garofalo. If you continue without changing your settings, you agree to our use of cookies. Praying is how you will hear God! Remember, set a timer in silence. There are some details we should review at this point. You can change your cookie settings through your browser. Focus your thoughts, your entire being on God! When we are faced with difficult situations we usually want to do things. I returned to the Church after twenty years, my wife and I had another child and I entered the Church’s permanent diaconate program in 2016. God will ask us questions, possibly the same question over and over again. Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Then there came a voice to him that said, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”. God is our greatest example ❤️ each day He ski, Staying consistent to your purpose ( goals, busine, Happy moment ✨ This article is reprinted with permission from our friends at Those Catholic Men. If you continue without changing your settings, you agree to our use of cookies. My ego was severely bruised. I know life is calling but, God is calling, and he’s waiting on you to come and walk with him. The next day my wife was off to work and even my children had things to do. The post Hearing God’s Voice in the Silence appeared first on Those Catholic Men. Chicago, IL 60610 (800) DL-MOODY, Home Education Radio Publishers Conferences Today in the Word, This site uses cookies to provide you with more responsive and personalized service and to collect certain information about your use of the site. Psalms 51:10 Create in me a pure heart, O God, and renew a steadfast spirit within me. As if embarrassing Jezebel’s priests was not enough, Elijah then had them rounded up and killed. When he arrives at God’s place, Elijah goes into a cave, a dark place, and is told that God is about to “pass by.” When God speaks to Elijah, he does not do so in a loud and aggressive manner, but in silence. Give God the floor to speak! When you draw closer to God, that will be your primary way to hear from the Lord. silence. God is a gentleman, and He will not cut you off in the middle of talking, so after you speak, allow God to speak! See our Privacy Policy for more information. Tagged as: Adoration, Elijah, god, silence. Your email address will not be published. God whispers because its only heard when you’re close to God. ⠀ Elijah went to Beersheba on the outskirts of the southern kingdom of Judah first, leaving his servant there. How to hear God’s voice- Reading your Bible may sound obvious, but it is essential to read your Bible because God’s spoken words inspire the Bible. See our. And, as you pray, remember prayer is dialogue, so as you sit and pray to allow God to speak! This site uses cookies to provide you with more responsive and personalized service and to collect certain information about your use of the site. Last year the Lord, New year goal: Sign up for the bloggers workshop, HOW TO GET FLAWLESS SKIN NATURALLY ( The Best Skin Care), HOW TO LAUNCH PRODUCTS ON YOUR FAITH BLOG, Why no one is following your Instagram & how to fix it. It doesn’t matter who discredited, Pinterest Marketing Tips ✨ 4 When Christ, who is your life, appears, then you also will appear with him in glory. When we arrive at God’s place, things may seem even darker than they were in the wilderness. The “silence” does not have to be total and complete audible silence though. Being plunged into that silence was unnerving at first. My relationship with God continues to grow and I am often amazed to see how he works in our lives. And most important, we’ll learn about hearing God even when He is silent. When Elijah heard it, he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out and stood at the entrance of the cave. It is during those times when our mind and soul are at peace that we are most docile to the Holy Spirit and able to hear his voice in the silence. I went from making a six-figure income at a prestigious law firm to zero in the blink of an eye. Pray this! All of this happens just before Elijah is sent by God on an important mission to anoint Hazael and Elisha. When we answer his questions, he will tell us what to do next. Sit in the silence. God is speaking every day!!! And I know you’re here because you’re searching for Gods voice. 6Because of these, the wrath of God is coming. Also note that God sometimes speaks audibly but, he also speaks through our heart, so make sure that your heart is aligned up with God because if your heart isn’t mirroring His heart, it will be harder to hear God. Andrew Garofalo lives in … “Then the word of the LORD came to him, saying, “What are you doing here, Elijah?”, He answered, “I have been very zealous for the LORD, the God of hosts; for the Israelites have forsaken your covenant, thrown down your altars, and killed your prophets with the sword. Maybe that could be slow down and create that intentional time spent with God long enough to hear a response. The wilderness is a place of testing. ,” My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.”. This is also good advice for our Bible study with Today in the Word this month. Desiring to hear from God is so beautiful but yet so challenging if you have no idea how to listen to Gods’ voice? Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. So if you’re having a hard time hearing God’s voice, may I suggest to slow down enough to listen to him. In a dramatic display, the prophet calls down fire from heaven to consume the sacrificial offerings proving that the God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel is the one, true and all-powerful God. When I first committed by myself back to God, I desired to hear from God, but I was unsure where to start? We may be jolted out of our normal routines with a trial that we must face relying on God’s help alone. ✨ God speaks at a level that’s only heard through intimacy! Also you shall anoint Jehu son of Nimshi as king over Israel; and you shall anoint Elisha son of Shaphat of Abel-meholah as prophet in your place.”. God speaks at a level that requires intimacy, so if you aren’t hearing God, it could be because you’re not close enough to the source. As you read, ask God to create a new heart within you, so that you will be able to hear from him. All God desires of you is to create a space where His voice is welcomed. Get the latest news from Aundra Williams plus 15% off coupon code to your next purchase from our wonderful store. As we read from different books of the Bible, we’ll look at human and divine silence, the silence of waiting … We pray this month’s study will help you hear the “still, small voice” of the Lord in the hurricane that our lives often resemble. Elijah, Then Elijah goes into the wilderness. And when we slow down, we able to capture the subtlety of God’s voice. 1 Since then, you have been raised with Christ, set your hearts on things above, where Christ is, seated at the right hand of God. But when the thought of losing it seemed within reach, grief overcame me—I wanted to be able to hear silence then more than ever. Pray out loud that God will silence your thoughts where the loudest voice you hear is God’s voice! Paul Simon’s song “Hurricane Eye” from his 2000 album You’re the One combines metaphors, contemplation of life’s mysteries, and even some practical advice. But as I look back, I see that some of the most powerful experiences I have had in my faith were in the moments of silence. Confess and acknowledge sins that may be on your heart- these things will hinder the voice of God.