For nearly a hundred years, the EIC’s membership was made up of engineers of various disciplines of mechanical, civil, geotechnical, chemical and electrical engineering. they are members of their nominating EIC member society with a maximum of twenty elected annually. The IET is a world leading professional organisation. Assure the quality of lifelong learning programs by authorising learning providers to issue continuing education credits (CEUs) to engineering professionals. It was great to study at CIT. The EIC does not get involved in regulatory matters. Only EIC Constituent Societies and their active members may apply for funding from the EIC FUND. Due to the fact that CIT lectures are based in foreign academic literature, it has expanded my knowledge’s in foreign markets and international standards. At the time, the reference to “civil engineers” was chosen to differentiate the society’s members from “military engineers”. THE World Ranking: 1001. In order to fulfil and enhance the value of the goals and work of the Institute, the EIC FUND: Decisions on uses of the EIC FUND are made by the EIC Council (whose members are its trustees). CIT was the best choice I made. Tel: (613) 796-4750 We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. - Teaching approaches and methodology used by pedagogical staff are in contemporary and professional standards. Financially assists other initiatives proposed by members of EIC Constituent Societies and endorsed by said societies, and whose objectives serve the purposes of the Institute in innovative ways. Favourites. Admission Programs Reviews . Tel: (613) 400-1786 Engineering is my passion that is why I chose to study at Canadian Institute of Technology. Queen's University , Kingston. The EIC FUND, the charitable arm of the EIC, plays a meaningful role in furthering the Engineering Institute of Canada’s long history of initiatives to foster and advance engineering knowledge and causes in Canada. More recently,[when?] The Engineering Institute of Canada (EIC) (French: l'Institut canadien des ingénieurs; ICI) is a federation of twelve engineering societies based in Canada, covering a broad range of engineering branches, and with a history going back to 1887. Northern Alberta Institute of Technology Canada. Operates a quality assurance program that recognizes quality providers of continuing engineering education and professional development. Master Engineering Mana.. $ 17K/Yr. EIC Member Societies and Quality Continuing Education Providers recognised by the Engineering Institute of Canada now offer their members and clients access to online learning programs that fully comply with EIC CEU and PDH requirements. Studying in English language was challenging but very rewarding. IELTS 6.5 . Donates to specific organizations that foster an interest in engineering on the part of youth (e.g., Youth Science Canada, the Canadian Engineering Memorial Foundation, CDA Scholarships and EPIC Award for Excellence Scholarships). As discussed above, Engineering in Canada is available in the form of various degrees, ... University of Ontario Institute of Technology , Oshawa. This institution has courses that will start online and continue on campus later. Apply Now Brochure. Upon requests, provides $1K sponsorship of annual conferences of EIC constituent societies at which recent engineering advancements are presented. courses . Box 40140 71848. 1291. [21] Initially, Fellows were members of the EIC with the annual number elected varying between one (1967) and seventy-eight (1980). There are now 14 constituent societies that are part of the EIC federation, to whose societies belong over 30,000 Canadian engineers. To apply, applicants must submit a completed grant application (see form attached) directly to their own Constituent Society, which shall review such requests and, if found suitable, recommend them to the EIC Council. 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Run a career site (job board) specialising on engineering jobs. E-Mail:, EIC Administrative Officer