Family Members Isaac se transforme et leur explique que cinq hommes noirs sortis de l'ombre l'ont attaqué.

He believes a man named Katashi might be able to help them, since he was there that night also. Chris asks him about the Code, but Gerard declares that they are at war. Although his daughter and his wife have since passed away, Chris remains dedicated to Allison's new Code, even despite the push-back he's received from the Calaveras, and he goes out of his way to protect anyone, human or supernatural, who needs his help.

Dans l'épisode 4.12 il arrive avec Parrish au Mexique pour stopper Kate, il tira une balle avec l’aconit récupérer dans le 4.10. When no one is looking, he grabs his device back and starts the car. She was about to show Scott when Chris came home.

He convinces Parrish to stay and fight the beast after learning that Lydia has been badly hurt. She tells him that she's not sure she can do this on her own and may need his help. Chris Argent: The pineal gland is believed to be the seat of the soul.

Gerard shot the dog and professed to Chris: "Anything that dangerous, that out of control, is better off dead"+. Emportez vos fandoms favoris partout avec vous.

Chris and Victoria learn about this from her English teacher, and they are livid to learn that they don't have the "open and honest" relationship with their daughter that they thought they had. Allison ne sera plus avec Scott, mais elle va se rapprochée de Isaac un autre loup garou. A la fin de l'épisode, Chris est dans son bureau et Allison lui dit qu'elle aimerait que son père lui apprenne tout ce qu'il sait et qu'elle veut instituer un nouveau code. Mais comme il suit un code qui lui dit que si il n'a pas tué il n'est pas une cible, il le laisse. Durant toute la saison 1, Chris Argent a cherché partout la trace de loups garous dans la région jusqu'a trouver Derek Hale. In Master Plan. They moved into town before Laura Hale was killed, making it, apparently, coincidence that they arrived just as a Werewolf problem was developing.

Ils avaient entendu des rumeurs sur un loup-garou qui traînerait aux alentours de la ville.

After hearing this, he decides to holsters his hand gun and take out a much larger gun.

They argue until Allison calls Gerard to tell him they caught them. Sur ses gardes, il sort son arme et entre prudemment. He leads Jackson around to the back of the Porsche and pops the hood. Chris and Victoria are incensed. He's stunned that Derek saved his life. They slam the door shut and attack Isaac. Plus tard, sa fille mettrait près de deux heures et demi.

In Lunatic, Chris drives Allison to school, he's hesitant, he'd rather her stay home after what happened with her being attacked at the school by The Alpha.

In Silverfinger, Il essaie de raisonner Derek mais ce dernier lui dit "tu brûle ma famille, je brûle la tienne". En effet, seul l'Alpha peut transformer un humain en Loup-Garou, ils pensent donc que le second Bêta sait qui il est (en réalité Scott ne le sait pas).

Chris devra alors l'aider à se suicider, avant qu'elle ne se transforme. David Bourne (born April 8, 1970), known professionally as JR Bourne, is a Canadian actor.He portrayed Chris Argent on all six seasons of the series Teen Wolf (2011–2017) and was part of the main cast in the final season.

Series. Chris instead asks him about Derek. Il tentera de négocier avec son père pour protéger la meute de Scott mais cela échoua et depuis il aide la meute sur différents opérations. David Bourne (born April 8, 1970), known professionally as JR Bourne, is a Canadian actor. 20th Century (early 40's)

Rien n'a été révélé sur sa mère, pas même son prénom ou si elle était encore en vie. (3.12 Ellipse Lunaire - Lunar Ellipse -) Chris dit à Melissa et au shérif que l'émetteur ne fonctionnera bientôt plus.

Later, he helps bring Jackson's corpse to Derek.

Derek asks if Chris would feel any remorse if he killed Stiles.

He's suspicious because he knows she's been hunting. McCall Pack (ally)Argent FamilyHale Pack (ally (during Season 3A))Calavera Family (ally)

The following day, Scott went into Allison's room to steal her necklace. He shows them that the brain scans they have on Stiles match 100% with his mother's, which is impossible, so it's all a trick. Ils s'y trouvent encore lorsque la bombe artisanale du Nogitsune explose. The morning after they find another dead body, Chris asks Allison if she wants to go to the recital honoring all the people that have been killed.

In Blitzkrieg, Later, he confronts Dr. Deaton about the death of one of the hunters. Chris était quand même une personne compatissante, gentille et généreuse, n'ayant pas de difficulté à devenir agressif si nécessaire. Boyd gets nervous, and the Werewolf end up running for cover behind a Dumpster. It was indeed a trap, of sorts. Chris and Gerard, with Allison's help, lay a trap for Jackson Whittemore. A little while later, Chris and the hunters corner Scott in the parking lot between the buses, they trap him in between the buses. Chris a aussi énormément de connaissances autant sur les créatures surnaturelles que les simples animaux, sachant comment ils agissent et réagissent aux menaces.

Chris comes to see what they confrontation is over and is distressed to learn that Allison took a condom from Kate's things. Chris agrees with Allison to change their Hunter's Code into guardians of both humans and supernaturals.

Il commence alors par leur donner des conseils pour traquer Boyd et Cora, ne plus se concentrer sur les traces de pas mais se fier à son odorat car les loups peuvent suivre l'odeur de leur proies sur des kilomètres. Chris insists that he's not Derek's enemy.

The other hunters get knocked out, but Chris is still okay by the end of the fight. En suivant les traces, il parvient à déduire les différents scènes de l'opposition. In Season 6, Argent assisted the McCall Pack in their fight against the Ghost Riders of the Wild Hunt and Garrett Douglas, the Löwenmensch who sought to control them for his own ends, all the while developing a close friendship with Melissa McCall that would ultimately develop into a romance. He's a handsome, older man with short, light brown hair that is flecked with gray and has striking light blue-gray eyes. Durant le reste de la saison il soignera son père afin que ce dernier l'aide à trouver ce que les "Dread Doctors" veulent ramener en vie. Chris threatens to shoot the nogitsune but ends up not doing it because the Sheriff pulls a gun on him instead. Il demande à Isaac et Allison de garder le secret pendant 24 heures.

Derek l'attaque et peu après, on voit Chris attaché à une chaise, tandis que Derek sort une bouteille de liquide inflammable et le verse sur Chris.

He knew he wasn't in any danger. Later, Allison calls him to tell him that they're staying at the Motel Glen Capri. It makes her responsible for those deaths. Puis elle devra venir témoigner de la présence de Mattà l'hôpital le soir de … They wait a few days, until the night of the full moon. It's a circus, and it's brought Chris's father, Gerard, to town. He balks at giving him back his baton. In Alpha Pact, Furious, he holds Scott at gunpoint, with his sidearm in the young man's face, threatening to shoot him right there and then. Chris tells her "never again," and lets Scott go.

Chris dove down on the ground and played dead among the bodies of several Yakuza members until he saw one of the Yakuza members, Katashi, getting up off the ground. Il leur explique aussi que la pleine lune leur donne une avance puisque la signature thermique, plus élevée des Loups-Garous permet de les repérer facilement avec des lunettes infrarouge. Il leur explique aussi qu'il n'est pas le seul survivant de ce massacre, un homme nommé Katashi (ou Silver Finger) a également survécu (celui qu'il a protégé en tirant sur l'homme en noir). Nous chassons ceux qui nous chassent.". C'est un expert en armes, il est également capable d'en identifier, assembler, utiliser un très grand nombre, ce qui inclut les armes à feux, les couteaux, les épées, les arcs, les flèches et autres armes de mêlées.

They also stand back and watch Jackson finally become a werewolf.

At some point during the day Chris gets a call from Derek and ends up helping him bring the twins back to Derek's loft.

Il s'avère que non, Chris est choqué et dit que c'est impossible.

Chris grew up owning a lot of dogs.

Chris tries to keep from crying.

À la fin de l'épisode on voit Chris rentrer chez lui mais il est blessé et s'effondre sur le sol. She's kidnapped one evening from a gas station and wakes up to see Chris bound and gagged. He turns it on in the hopes a Werewolf will hear it. He saw Allison talking to Scott before she left to join him and gave Scott a friendly, yet subtly-warning wave, given he was a young man showing interest in his only daughter. Chris listen as Gerard tells the story of Marie-Jeanne Valet, better known as The Maid of Gevaudan.

Dans l'épisode 4.08, il aide la meute de Scott à coincer le bienfaiteur, et se retrouvera face à Kate. When Chris sees Scott with Allison at school the following day, he does not recognize him as the young beta that he shot.

Argent shows up in the tunnels with a high powered gun, he tells Scott and Malia to get down while he shoots at the Dread Doctors. In Season 3, Chris attempts to have he and Allison start a normal life.

A disbelieving Kate complies. Chris et Derek sont déplacés dans des cellules où Chris demande à Derek d'utiliser son ouïe très fine afin de comprendre l'avancement de l'enquête sur Katashi. Chris arrives at Oak Creek just in time to see Allison die in Scott's arms. The nogitsune is particularly pleased with the strife he's created.

When everyone starts evacuating the sheriff station because of a bomb threat, Derek can hear the bomb about to go off.

He threatens Scott but doesn't hurt him and then continues on his way. Though they don't find that specific Werewolf, who was an Alpha, the three did come upon two Beta wolves, the younger of whom was newly-turned and having difficulty controlling his transformation.

In I.E.D., Chris claims he only uses it for hunting, which earns him an epic bitch face from Derek.

He cuts the string on her crossbow to try to keep her out of the coming fight. His wife Victoria Argent was bit by Derek Hal… Dans son bureau il trouve un de ses émetteurs planté sur la table.

("Wolf Moon"), ("Magic Bullet"), ("Alpha Pact") However, despite the fact that Chris was aware of his Hunter lineage and began his training early in his youth, Chris and Victoria decided to keep this part of their family's history secret from Allison until after her seventeenth birthday, although their reasoning for this remains unknown. In Insatiable, Chris is confused about how this can be and takes the opportunity to invite himself to Scott's lacrosse game that night.


They use sonic emitters to corral them in the right direction. Après cet épisode, leur relation évolue et ils sont plus proches. The Argent family history and motives for hunting werewolves remains unclear..

Other notable television roles include Martouf / Lantash on Stargate SG-1 (1998–2000), CIA Agent Edwards on Fringe (2009–2011), Kenny Ryan on Revenge (2012–2013), and Jeremy Tell / Double Down on Arrow (2015).

Il a l'intention d'attendre le retour d'Allison pour bruler Chris et l'immeuble entier.

They ask about Scott and Melissa, while Derek gets Cora out of Chris's car. Kate and Chris fail to coordinate their stories about what was wrong with her car, giving Allison the first clue that someone is lying to her. When Chris denies any involvement because it would break the Code, Stiles asks him what happens when someone doesn't follow the Code. In Pack Mentality, at the Argent House, Chris enters Allison's room and tells her that she's not allowed to leave the house because of the curfew due to the animal attacks. Chris is horrified, particularly because Gerard insisted that Victoria had to kill herself when she got the Bite. After dinner, he and Kate discuss their strategy for finding the alpha.