It varies from being a right-handed glove to a left-handed one, depending on the situation, has a stylised face, with the thumbnail acting as the eye and the index finger as the nose, the middle finger and ring finger serving as its mouth (grinning teeth are clearly visible between these fingers). Sign Up. The Anti-Music Missile: This is seen used at the start of the film to initiate the attack on Pepperland. Tickets –, — ⛓ ICW: No Holds Barred ⛓ (@ICWNHB) July 28, 2020, ICW No Holds Barred, The Blue Meanie, WWE Stock, Joseph Lee. From these suits the rear legs fired short bursts, the maneuvering rockes, allowing them to fly not fast but like clumsy missiles. They also have a new Dexter Lumis t-shirt and art print. Related Pages. – In a post on Twitter, The Blue Meanie recounted a time in ECW in which he performed the YMCA dance after winning a match. Blue Meanies do not have eyelids. Their weapons of choice are giant green apples, which they drop on people's heads and which have the same effect as the jagged arrows. More so than most strains." Boundless (Techno), What our customers say about Blue Meanie: "this was an extremely positive trip without the mind games that sometimes come with the stronger Penis Envy variants"" A must try in my opinion. – A match between Nick Gage and Jeff King has been added to ICW No Holds Barred Vol. When the Meanies' spell is broken, they end up simply producing positive words such as "Yes" and "OK" in block capitals when they try to cause an explosion. Blue Meanie. By. Brian Heffron (born May 18, 1973), better known by his ring name The This hit so well that Paul had us take it around the loop on the house shows. Kravitz, Human Element, Serpent Head remix, But It's Inevitible or. [3], Later in the story, a Meanie abducts the Beatles' companion, Jeremy Hillary Boob, PhD, the so-called "Nowhere Man", and we see, when the Beatles arrive in Pepperland, how the Meanies have laid waste to the former paradise and petrified the natives. The Meanies, in his absence, cause the lovely and colourful Pepperland to turn into a very grey, dull and oppressive place, wrought with thorns and thistles. EEEMUS's Artificial Intelligence Adaptation, EEEMUS's Artificial Intelligence Adaptation. Their eyes on each side of the head with two tentacles that extend from each side. Log In. "First and foremost was a strong feeling of happiness. They also have a new Dexter Lumis t-shirt and art print. Electrypnose, The Snapping Turks: Possibly the most pettily cruel creatures in the film, these are dressed like stereotypical Turkish men, sporting handlebar moustaches and curved goatees on their chins (they even sport curved Arabic shoes and, The Butterfly Stompers: These are wide, bullying creatures with cat-like faces. The Blue Meanie Recalls Doing YMCA Dance in ECW. A Muse is also involved, and the Muse can sense Mother's emotions. They have no hands or arms themselves, however, and so a Blue Meanie has to press their noses for them, often needing to prop a ladder up against them, or sit up on their shoulders when doing so, because they are very tall. Also, whereas the "common" Blue Meanies wear orange and yellow striped stockings with mary jane shoes, he (and his assistant, Max) wears jackboots, complete with spurs: a pale blue boot on the right foot, a navy blue boot on the left. Envoyé par: blue meanie Envoyé le: Dimanche 26 Juin 2011 16:08 { GALLERY_VIEWS }: 76. "The Hidden Stories Behind 'Yellow Submarine, "Him was inspired by the head Blue Meanie from Yellow Submarine",, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The Blue Meanie Reacts To Doing YMCA Dance In ECW, Watch WWE’s “The Bump”, More. He flees with the rest of his army, but later concedes defeat and decides to "mix" with the Beatles and Pepperlanders; however, at the very end, when the Beatles appear in the flesh to the audience, John says that "Newer and Bluer Meanies have been sighted within the vicinity of this theatre". A Blue Meanie was seen in Lemon Demon's online video Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny. The missile/bubble is destroyed by Ringo, using the hole in his pocket, which he took from the Sea of Holes. Some of their weapons are flechette guns and mini-missiles. The Chief bombards the natives with various weapons and other evil species that vary in their ferocity and eccentricity (as demonstrated when the Beatles' arrival to Pepperland, when a sharp-toothed "snapping turtle-Turk", consumes a young girl's paper windmill) that will reduce Pepperland's colourful hills and plants to bare thorns and grey wasteland, with the only green existing in the form of giant apples that the "Apple Bonkers" pluck from trees to "bonk" on peoples' heads. He is taller than most of the other Meanies and whereas the "common" Blue Meanies wear a hat reminiscent of Mickey Mouse ears, his hat looks more like Oswald the Lucky Rabbit's. Max: Second-in-command of the Blue Meanies and the hapless, The Dreadful Flying Glove: Probably the fiercest of the Blue Meanies and their strongest weapon. Trilingo, Site déclaré à la CNIL sous le numéro 1141629 - Pixelistes est une marque déposée - © 2007-2019 Just Digital Group Media, RAP RNB le mag 1er sur l'information urbaine. It is ultimately defeated when John sings ", The Four-Headed Bulldog: A Blue Meanie that's similar to, The Storm Bloopers: also known as the "Blue Menials" (The Boob refers to his captor as a "Blue Menial", though he may have simply been making a pun), the most numerous of the Blue Meanies. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The Countdown Clowns: These are tall, fat clowns whose heads can spin round and round, and who give out loud shrieks when they're ready to attack or sound an alarm to alert the Meanies. 0. It was surreal seeing guys who were cheering for blood doing a Village People dance.”. Download Distance - Blue Meanie - Distance - Blue Meanie link below ENJOY! MVMB, Ben Coda, Recently, the Blue Meanies forced their way back into Mother. Create New Account. 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