Oh shit @billburr just fucking MURDERED on @nbcsnl – congrats brother!!!!! When asked if he still felt that it didn't matter who was president back in 2018, Burr answered that he still believes it doesn't matter who's the president if you're white. In his 2019 Netflix special, Paper Tiger, he criticized the #MeToo movement (basically, his stance was that #MeToo was too hell-bent on destroying lives of innocent men and that due-process was being neglected). "You’re going to be fine. Kahron Spearman is a music and film critic whose work can also regularly be regularly found in the Austin Chronicle. And so well crafted minus the cancel culture part that bombed. The white male comedian went right in on COVID-19, calling people choosing not to wear a face mask a “dream come true.”, “I don’t care. And occasionally, you when you wanted to sneak off and hook up with a Black guy, you got caught, you said it wasn’t consensual.”, Bill Burr calling out white women for supporting the white patriarchal order in America for centuries…#SNL pic.twitter.com/Zw2wWolGGV, Burr, clearly looking to egg on the canceling notions, went in on Pride Month, telling a joke about finally learning and understanding what the event was. Design and development by It’s your decision; there’s too many people,” the comedian quipped. Since SNL hasn't shied away from getting political, we're anticipating a lot of commentary on not only the debates, but the overall political climate — especially since the second presidential debate has been officially canceled, due to Trump refusing to do it remotely. Bill Burr and Nia Renee Hill attend an after party during the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival on Sept. 6, 2014. Bill Burr is ... definitely not for everyone. News anchor says she was fired for cameo in Adam Sandler’s ‘Hubie Halloween’, Watching ‘The Haunting of Bly Manor’ for the ‘plot’ becomes a TikTok meme, Video shows Zamboni on fire at skating rink, Kelly Marie Tran has a bigger role in ‘The Lego Star Wars Holiday Special’ than in ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, Netflix’s ‘Three-Body Problem’ is getting pushback from U.S. senators, The comic book industry’s sexual abuse allegations, How the straight agenda ruined ‘Avengers: Endgame’, Why ‘The Leftovers’ is the perfect quarantine binge. Stand-up comedian Bill Burr walked us right up to the firing line in his monologue. That Bill Burr monologue was fucking hilarious. In general, Bill Burr seems jaded by politics and doesn't think neither Republicans nor Democrats are honest. He's joked about Stephen Hawking, male feminists, how cultural appropriation isn't real, and more. And he hasn't been vocal about the upcoming election, either. It's 2020. Comedian Bill Burr is hosting SNL tonight for the first time ever, and we're not totally sure what to expect. His comedy is known for being crass, and some will argue, tone-deaf. All rights reserved. His jokes on the nonsense of cancel culture seemed pretty lame and dated on first viewing. Bill Burr's Best 'Paper Tiger' Jokes Involve His Wife and Daughter, The Next to Join the Cast of 'The Mandalorian'? Burr is such a strong personality (both in his stand-up and his popular, homemade podcast) that it’s a little odd to hear him in tonight’s monologue explaining that hosting Saturday Night Live is “a lifelong dream.” Like everything else Burr shows up in, tonight’s show tingled with an undercurrent of comic tension, in this case from the incongruity that Burr was hosting SNL at all. Since May 2007, Burr has recorded a weekly one-hour podcast, Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, in which he speaks about his experiences, current events, going on tour, and sports, and offers advice to questions submitted by the listeners.The podcast is available on Burr's website and on the All Things Comedy network. This is exactly what why I was excited to see Bill Burr host SNL tonight pic.twitter.com/VYlucaP4kI, Checking the Bill Burr trending tab and seeing it literally being 50% black people laughing at him making fun of white women and 50% white women mad at him for making fun of white women pic.twitter.com/EBhGi65tUm. Burr's comedy career began in 1992. It's Comedian Bill Burr, Why Did the White Stripes Break Up? “God did that 40 years ago,” he joked. Bill Burr has historically never leaned right or left, claiming that it didn't matter who won back in 2015 when it was Donald Trump running against Hillary Clinton. Bill Burr is being swiftly canceled by many viewers, accused of misogyny and homophobia following his Saturday Night Live monologue. Some, especially other comedians, absolutely loved Burr’s material. For Starters, She's a Redhead IRL, Here's Why Mariska Hargitay Briefly Left Us During Season 8. Watch SNL at 8:30 p.m. EST every Saturday on NBC. His comedy is known for being crass, and some will argue, tone-deaf. But then, he asks: “That’s a little long, don’t you think, for a group of people who that were never enslaved?”. “If you’re that dumb and you wanna kill your own family members, then do it, it stops you from reproducing.”, Bill Burr's Monologue! Women aren't the only targets in Bill's comedy — everyone's fair game in his routine. They’re like, ‘did you hear what he said in that interview with Playboy in 1970?’ ‘Can you believe that? How does it feel Kenan?” Kenan responds, “Pretty awkward." Of course, the outrage—or praise, depending on your viewpoint of the material—for Burr poured in on social media. Bill Burr is being swiftly canceled by many viewers, accused of misogyny and homophobia following his Saturday Night Live monologue. The opening included jokes … #SNL, Bill Burr's opening monologue is just obnoxious and misogynstic. He has also made fun of both Michelle Obama and Melania Trump, arguing that "being a First Lady is not a real job." Burr quickly pushed back on cancel culture, making a joke about people attempting to cancel late actor John Wayne, a known racist.