Dervla Kirwan (Assumpta Fitzgerald) left Ballykissangel at the end of Series 3 in a rather shocking fashion. (Bad pun, I know!) Ballykissangel is a BBC television drama created by Kieran Prendiville and set in Ireland, produced in-house by BBC Northern Ireland.The original story revolved around a young English Roman Catholic priest as he became part of a rural community. "There's no reason why that can't happen to Ballykissangel. Peter finally admits his true feelings for Assumpta while the town participates in a Far East cooking competition and Brian Quigleys sure to make a business out of it. However, in the book 'Ballykissangel - Behind the Scenes', the reason for her hatred of the clergy is given. Directed by Tom Cotter. In real life, Stephen and Dublin-born Dervla, 25, haven't yet decided where they will spend this Christmas. With Stephen Tompkinson, Dervla Kirwan, Tony Doyle, Niall Toibin. It ran for six series, which were first broadcast on BBC One in the United Kingdom from 1996 to 2001. Ballykissangel departures Sat, May 2, 1998, 01:00 What on earth will Ballykissangel - the village or the series - do without the unspoken frisson between Assumpta and Father Peter? The BBC1 controller, Mr Peter Salmon, said he was shocked by the actor's death, adding that the cast and crew and millions of Ballykissangel fans had lost a dear and charming friend. Assumpta's dislike of the clergy dates back to childhood. Assumpta's background seems to have been a troubled one, although it was never actually spelled out in the show. Life goes on." The death scene will be screened in the spring, but for Christmas the tone is much lighter with a special seasonal episode. (Bad pun, I know!) In 2001, she joined forces with former co-star Tompkinson to make Shades , a mini-series about two people who meet unexpected ends and join forces to face their respective unfinished business.