Fleetwood Mac featuring Neil Finn performs at the 2018 iHeartRadio Music Festival in Las Vegas. Cookie Policy ... [2019],” says Nicks. Fleetwood Finn (TVNZ interview) Crowded House NEIL AND LIAM FINN NEIL FINN FINN BROTHERS PAJAMA CLUB SPLIT ENZ 7 WORLDS COLLIDE "What we see here is truly a lovely friendship. "I think Mick was getting divorced as well. Neil Finn Official Website. ... More from Interview with Andrew Denton. Fleetwood Mac was together again, and seemed destined to spend their golden years onstage as a family. "The thing about stage fright, as soon as you hear the audience response, the adrenaline kind of soothes any kind of fear. "It's definitely a song that has crossed a lot of boundaries, and there doesn't seem to be any strangeness in having a foreign item in the set. The tension played out on and off-stage every night. "I think of it through their eyes," says Neil. "This is why you can no longer get fixated with how many CD's you might sell in the first week or two weeks when an album is released. Neil & Liam Finn. NEIL & LIAM FINN: LIGHTSLEEPER . "I kind of feel like I lived through the golden age of copyright in music," reflected Neil. If you did that, you'd find yourself in a constant state of anxiety. "The way I see it, if people make a connection with my music and are willing to come and see him in a concert and contribute something in that way, then we are all getting something out of it. This podcast, a companion to … ", "We weren’t happy, and there were things that happened that lead to that decision that we acknowledged as a band. The New Zealand musician is a big fan of the Emerald Isle. Despite one of the biggest bust-ups in music history, Fleetwood Mac is keeping the dream alive with new frontman Neil Finn and a world tour that’s filling stadiums. "The rest is history - and to be continued.". Their fans span three generations and fill the biggest stadiums. "I go, 'God, this must be strange, watching me up here with Fleetwood Mac.' It meant I had to go and get the sandwiches at lunchtime," Neil laughs. "I always have a Guinness or two when I'm in Ireland because it always tastes so much better here than anywhere else in the world. ", "It used to be cigarette lighters, now it's phone lights," Christine says fondly. The affable Finn was happy to talk about all aspects of his enduring career, with his acceptance that selling music is becoming an impossible ambition in the digital downloading era a sign of changing times. "A few of my mother's Mullane clan have ended up in the Doneraile and Mallow areas of Cork and we have had a session or two down there when the whole town appeared to show up and have a drink with us. ", "I adore John and he adores me, and we have fought just because we've had to work it through. It feels like I've been invited into Australian homes over the years and we've shared some pretty intimate times, so that's going to carry onto the stage I think. "The way I judge whether people like my new music now is simple. Continue reading: Fleetwood Mac's Latest Addition Neil Finn Talks About His Love Of Irish Culture [Interview], Neil Finn - Saturday 28th June 2008 at Glastonbury Festival Somerset, England, Musician Index: "Some of the great songwriters of musical history would say they have been hugely influenced by Irish music down the years and while my Mum didn't play a whole lot of folk music when I was growing up, she was certainly a huge influence on my musical taste. You can just get it out with a bit of a tinker for a spin.". "Back in the days when Crowded House were selling a lot of records, this was the way we all made our money, but the landscape has changed dramatically now. "That's what it feels like in Australia. For the most part, Christine shuns the limelight, but on the eve of the Australian tour, she agreed to a rare interview. I dread to think what the bar bill was those nights!". "I was not drinking alcohol on stage throughout this tour, but I guess it was inevitable that we ended that run when we got to Dublin," he says with a smile. No wonder no one could buy me another pint! ", "If you think you're going to end up being able to live your life in a little contained box where all the things add up the same every day, then I think you're not getting the most out of life. Those days are gone.". I mean, Stevie and Lindsey just couldn't unfortunately. Christine and John McVie separated, as did Stevie and Lindsey. These days, however, things are a little more subdued. The iconic songwriter who penned classic hits such as Weather With You and Don't Dream It's Over has had more than a little folk influence in his music down the years and it's no wonder, with his mother hailing from the Limerick town of Kilmallock, Neil feels very much at home every time he sets foot in Ireland. There were certain rooms you could go in and you knew you'd be safe, other rooms you avoided like that plague.". ‎Two people, two chairs, one conversation, no gimmicks. I've always found it very easy to strike up conversations with the Irish people when I come to your country and I guess that is a legacy of my mother's influence. Still, Neil admits that such a big change in a beloved band is a huge thing for fans to get used to. Fleetwood Mac tell us about life after Lindsey Buckingham in their first interview since firing the longtime guitarist. ", "It feels like I've been invited into Australian homes over the years and we've shared some pretty intimate times". "[It's] almost like a kindergarten now," laughs Christine. Neil Finn is the latest addition to the Fleetwood Mac line-up. No Irish party is complete without plenty of Guinness flowing, so Neil was little bemused when one of his recent gigs in Ireland's capital hit an unexpected roadblock. We're clean, clean, clean. ", "[I'm] really enjoying my spell in here, and I have Crowded House like a lovely old car up on blocks in the garage. Fleetwood Mac has been entertaining the world for more than 50 years. She left a group called Chicken Shack in 1970. Undated photo of Stevie Nicks performing on stage. They claim that Lindsey couldn’t agree on tour dates, but Lindsey says he was told that Stevie was angry at him for smirking at her during an awards acceptance speech. ", Reporter: Rahni Sadler | Producer: Sandra Cleary. I've been the youngest in the band before, with Split Enz. It is strange [but] good. Lindsey Buckingham left the band for a while, as did Stevie Nicks. 42:21 Keith Urban Aug 05, 2019. "Mum loved a sing-song. Shayne Carter has opened up on his feud with Neil Finn in his new book. Four years later, American Lindsey Buckingham was offered a gig as a guitarist - but he wouldn’t sign on unless Fleetwood Mac also took his singer-songwriter girlfriend Stevie Nicks. Christine McVie was a very early recruit. The spectacularly successful 1977 album Rumours was the product of catastrophic breakups. As a song, that seemed to come from a magical place, like a fairytale or something.". Even Mick split with his wife. 35:19 Neil & Liam Finn Aug 12, 2019. As it’s a family affair, it’s entirely fitting that the story of Lightsleeper begins at a wedding. After being replaced by Tom Petty and Heartbreakers guitarist Mike Campbell and Crowded House’s Neil Finn for the band’s already scheduled tour, Buckingham fought back by suing, claiming he would have won between $ 12 million and $ 14 million in two months of tour with the band. About Us Advertise Business Write For Us T&Cs Consent Settings, Copyright © 2020 Contactmusic.com Ltd, all rights reserved, Most Mentioned Actors and Filmmakers in Film, Most Mentioned Bands and Musicians in Music, Fleetwood Mac's Latest Addition Neil Finn Talks About His Love Of Irish Culture [Interview], Neil Finn's All-star Album Documentary Set For Release. "When I joined Split Enz, we were in England and they did a live performance of 'Rhiannon'. We never saw each other.". Fleetwood Mac have been attracting sparkling reviews for their shows in America, with a stadium dated now inked into the diary for 2019 that include a huge occasion under the arch at Wembley Stadium on June 16th. ", "If you're open to surprises and opportunities when they come and you can see the potential in them - which is how it felt to me - then that's living, and that's keeping a band together ultimately as well.". John McVie, Christine McVie, Stevie Nicks, Mick Fleetwood, and Lindsey Buckingham of Fleetwood Mac photographed in 1975. 0 A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z, Help "Isn't it nice to think that you've been invited into someone's family because they're so fond of you," Neil explains. Christine McVie wrote one of her big hits, 'You Make Loving Fun', about a member of the crew she was seeing after she broke up with John. "Some things you get used to always being there. ... 2019 8:58am 5 minutes to read. "Things can’t be sorted. 01:11:53 Julie Bishop Aug 14, 2019. "Lindsay said, 'she’s coming too, so either you take both of us or I can’t join your band,'" Stevie recalls. "[I had] terrible stage fright," Christine admits. Fleetwood Mac's Latest Addition Neil Finn Talks About His Love Of Irish Culture [Interview] By Staff Writer in Music / Festivals on 25 February 2019 Neil Finn Fleetwood Mac "I have always considered myself to be a product of the Celtic traditions and that may explain why I feel so comfortable when I come to Ireland," says 60-year-old Neil, whose middle name of Mullane is a tribute to his mother's maiden title. Tomorrow night on # InterviewAU a Finntastic chat with music royalty as Crowded House & Fleetwood Mac's Neil Finn and his multi-talented son Liam Finn join Andrew Denton. Privacy When Fleetwood Mac toured Down Under, there were a few more Neil Finn songs thrown in by this much-loved adopted Aussie. "We were meeting each other on the doorstep - he was going to Germany, I was just coming home. 42:21 Keith Urban Aug 05, 2019. I play it live, hopefully in front of a good crowd and if people don't leave for the bar mid-way through a song, then I'm doing something right.". Musician Index: They were all just so in it, so vibrant. Everybody. "I go, 'God, this must be strange, watching me up here with Fleetwood Mac.' We all looked at each other and went 'wow.'". He's very dear to me.". 01:11:53 Julie Bishop Aug 14, 2019. 50:58 Jess Mauboy Aug 07, 2019. Site Map "I think of it through their eyes," says Neil. ... More from Interview with Andrew Denton. "I wanted to spend more time with my husband," Christine explains. "It is amazing and really gratifying to find that the audiences everywhere have been singing to 'Don't Dream It's Over'," says Neil. "It's like they've always existed in my head because I was very young when they started," Neil tells Rahni Sadler. Fleetwood Mac's latest addition Neil Finn talks about his love of Irish culture [Interview] By Staff Writer in Music / Festivals on 25 February 2019 Facebook Gypsy (live 2018) View fullsize. The couples wrote about their experiences. If you’d like to view this content, please adjust your Cookie Settings. "Then they shut the bar at the Olympia Theatre. None of us are likely to sell millions of records from this point forward because the internet and downloading has changed the way music works. It was something that just couldn’t be worked out, and so we had to move on.". Tucked away on side 2 of Split Enz's "True Colours" album, it's just been given a remix by Eddie Rayner Music for the album's 40th anniversary edition.