“Why were you puking? Bernie Parent, who knows how to win the hearts of Philadelphia, is one of those fans. He mumbles a thanks as you placed the water and painkillers on the bedside table as well as a bucket in case he felt sick. He will anticipate while the play goes and then makes his move. And I really don’t blame you,” you explain. Another family recommended John Stevenson, who lived close to their home in Alberta. “I can’t be on the road if you’re sick. That's really important in a season where you're playing almost every second night.". "Obviously I want to play every game, it's just the mindset that I have. The 20-year-old rookie captured the city when he won eight straight games, tying the NHL record for most consecutive victories by a goalie before his 21th birthday. Hart’s next postseason game will be his first. Carter Hart is not in Bernie’s zip code just yet, even if bumper stickers have been replaced by GIFs and memes. Wins are a team measurement. Receive comprehensive coverage of your teams and stream the Flyers, Sixers and Phillies games easily on your device. Carter Hart (G) #70 Team Orr. What if you have the baby early and I’m on the road?” now he is also panicking. “Baby, you’ll be carrying my kid, I wouldn’t dream on leaving you. “Could you maybe bring me home something greasy?”. A/N: I’ve had this in my drafts for a long long time and I thought it’d be best to clean out my draft file. February 7, 2019 02/07/2019 3:13 pm. [Wayne] Gretzky had that. Carter Hart has a ton of fans. When Carter Hart was 10 years old, his parents wanted to get him a goalie coach. He can’t catch Stephenson, but he could become just the third Flyer with 25 home wins. Walking back to the bed, a wave of nausea hits you, making you take a detour to vomit in the toilet in the bathroom outside his door. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Your eyes bulge as your body freezes “Oh no,” you whisper as tears cloud your vision. We’re probably getting ahead of ourselves here,” he agrees. The Flyers haven't made the postseason in consecutive years since 2010-12, when they last won a series. After washing your mouth out with water, you begin to brush your teeth. You get out of bed to get dressed while he lays out on the couch. The clock on his bedside table read around noon and for a Saturday afternoon? I can’t be a mom, I’d have to quit my job. The Bruins, who are tops in the league with 98 points, will be at the Wells Fargo Center tonight (7 p.m., NBCSP). Closing your eyes, the tears drip down your cheeks and drop off your chin. You stared at the test inently for what seemed like hours before Carter finally shut off the ringer on your phone and flipped the test over for you. You make a trip to the kitchen bringing Carter a glass of water and some painkillers since you assumed with all the alcohol he consumed last night his head would be pounding. Hart, a 2016 second-round pick, is the club's goalie of the future and the Flyers are excited for his first full season in 2019-20. And, of course, the last time the Flyers won the Stanley Cup: 1975 with Parent tending the pipes for the franchise's second straight title. These are great numbers, but Hart’s are better. When you’re both finished, you both make your way to the living room, him turning on the air conditioning to cool you down. "In an 82-game season, we're playing almost every second day.